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Such wide use of Information technology and the new technology continues to emerge, scholars of different ages have different definitions, Porter and Millard (1985) believe that information technology is not just computer technology only, but also includes information identifying equipment, communications technology, work automation, as well as other hardware and software and related services.

Ghana Wet-Lang (1990) pointed out that the technical point of view of information technology, Including the computer, communications and automation technology, corporate events view satellites include the development and use. Lineal Kin (1994) that a nonhuman resources, information technology collection plays storage, processing and communication of roles, these resources form a system capable of performing tasks, including the composition of its information system architecture hardware components and make the various functions together The system software.

Information technology in the sass, bud, in recent decades, along with computer hardware and software, constant Innovation, coupled with a ambition of computer and communications technology as well as the widespread use of the Internet, making information technology on human society, far-reaching implications, and In order to maintain national competitiveness, countries around the world are committed to the promotion and application of information technology.

Second, the information technology on the overall environmental impact: (A), social hierarchy Information technology allows us to more effectively deal with complex social problems, such as education, health care, social welfare, defense, Insurance so social problem that requires a lot of communication work, all depend on the new information technologies to solve now unable to do so The. Although information technology has brought many conveniences of life and work, but compared to the dissemination, communication and effect also generates enormous changes.

Huge change often difficult to adapt to bring the case, such as the pressures of life and work, privacy crisis, even In the face of new threats such as Illicit. New communications environment suitable for human do? Everyone really fall in love with the network? These issues are worth considering. Two), economic aspects With the development of information technology and progress, knowledge is information technology, and the message of knowledge (information-knowledge) is considered to be the main social productivity and economic capital.

In such an environment, Information technology plays a very Important role, It allows people to time and space, personnel limitations, and so reducing the production of increasingly simplistic the unit costs. Although it has many advantages, but it is not suitable for every region. Therefore, the choice of IT products must still take into account cost actors, employment, etc. , under the premise of sustainable management appropriate use of information technology. Three), and cultural aspects Since the show after the power of the network, and promote cultural integration, many countries did not dare hope that the network can refined culture, traditional culture so that people fully utilized. Advances in information technology seems to be able to blend many cultures, but in the selection of local or national characteristics must be combined to reduce the destruction of cultural identity and get local people o be widely used information technology to develop and maintain.

Third, the conclusion Information technology has advantages and disadvantages to humans, the end to see how humans use the appropriate technology, the importance and benefits of information technology is usually easy to understand and concern, then the dangers of information technology and negative impact was more worthy of the human attention. People are often busy enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology, resulting in a lost era of science and technology, and even in the curse of science and technology without knowing it.

Therefore, do not over indulge in the advantages and benefits of information technology, should be identified and measured with the reflection of IT pros and cons, only understanding, selection, use of information technology, even innovation of information technology, is the fundamental solution, so that it can make human subject information technology interests, rather than victimized by technology. Fourth, improve the road (A) all of the information technology selection must be done by the user as a starting point to consider.

And periodic evaluation of short, medium and long-term benefits Two) to strengthen research information technology development for our country’s social, economic and cultural relations with the world trend of comparison or short and finally. (Three) the development of information technology to enhance the social, political and cultural issues of prevention to reduce the environmental impact. In the digital era to maintain flexibility in the operation of the business and market competitiveness, information technology is in response to internal and external environment promoters.

Flexible IT infrastructure building is also affecting important organizational agility based tool. Government departments face demands from diverse people, information technology will help the government to the publics needs standardization and customization needs, not Just a sound IT infrastructure, such as information systems, to improve the management of administrative processes, it is important to remain need to be flexible in the application of information technology workers or users.

Therefore, to maintain business agility in response to changes in information technology era brought itself information technology skills and organizational capacity of member information will be key, indispensable. Therefore, organizations only consider information technology application, can not consider the organizational environment in response to information technology brought about changes in the work environment can cultivate membership information technology skills, but will result in introduction of information technology in organizational barriers.

Shih (2003) Knowledge Forum in Outlook e also pointed out that the “new economy” consists of four elements: innovation, IT (information technology; Information Technology) applications, knowledge capital, as well as the infrastructure of the knowledge society, and dressed various industries of the new economy, in addition to continuously enhance the innovation capability should be, the most important is the “application of information technology. Economic Cooperation and Development (COED), the report also noted vigorous investment in information technology to enhance the productivity, contributed significantly to economic growth (Economic Times 2001). Thus, in the era of globalization and information technology, information technology investment on organizational value creation and competitiveness of enterprises to maintain a key role. There is a positive relationship between corporate performance. But there are many studies that the investment in information technology productivity paradox exists.

Explore past IT investments and Performance Study, the widespread use of information technology investment amount, but not according to different morphological distinction between information technology investments, however, different forms of information technology investments for the impact of business performance may differ, for example, investment in information technology to be able to effectively play its efficiency and effectiveness, in addition to software ND hardware equipment, the most important thing is to have appropriate information technology professionals to meet.

Therefore it is necessary to detect different forms of information technology investment benefits. Carr (2003) in the Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business Review) presented “IT is no longer important! His main argument is that corporate resources to have a competitive advantage, you need to have a scarcity of resources, so the enterprise, when has strategic value of information technology resources, has become the basic elements f production or business is an essential element of competition, information technology, the resources that the enterprise infrastructure, information technology resources at this time the policy will be less influential.

However, the problems faced by enterprises, operating performance and organizational structures change over the life cycle varies. In general, the life cycle model after creation companies will generally assumed, growth, maturity, and decline phases. Since the different stages of the life cycle, companies are facing the problem of existence or the target will be efferent, for example, when the company was founded and is in the growth stage, the firm is committed to the goal of maximizing production capacity, hoping to deter potential competitors to enter the market.

However, in the creation and growth stage, future operations have a higher variability, managers may use their own decision- making flexibility to adjust management style, to enhance corporate profit purposes; the other hand, due to the lack of foreign capital over, it must special attention to the effective allocation of its resources.

Therefore, the enterprise in which different life yes, perhaps another impact of information technology investment performance factors. Information technology hardware and software based on the proportion of total investment, construction, growth companies, mature and decline significantly recession significantly higher than growth stage and maturity.

As for the effectiveness of different forms of information technology investment results showed, in a recession businesses, the more investment in information technology does not help to improve the performance of the contrary, the more growing enterprise footwear and hardware infrastructure, for accounting performance and market performance has Increase efficiency, and investment in information technology and communications personnel will also help the more current return on equity and market performance, and this one effect will affect the second phase deferred.

Growth companies are betting information technology investment compared with the characteristics of scarce resources, so the highest investment returns, but in a recession corporate, investment in information technology has become an enterprise’s infrastructure, its performance has not for influential.