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Management of innovation - Essay Example

The strategy to get maximum performance by the application of good culture, strong leadership and solid base in a sequence, is actually a best practice for innovation in any organization. So there are different kind of techniques and processes for operation management to apply in any organization to get a better output. In the last twenty years because of the rapid development in Information Technology the ideas and making new things are more easier and quick. Let say the Banking industry used to be dull and lazy but now banking industry is totally different.

Innovation means implementing new ideas for making new things, so it might be different in different organization . For banking it might be best customer service and new online tools for customers to access their accounts. On the other side, like Energizer, they make must-have batteries for must-have gadgets. So they made new innovative product to attract more customers. According to Flanagan (2008), “There are many different models of innovation. Operationally, innovation management concerns the application of various tools and techniques.

AT a more strategic level innovation models aim to predict the behaviour of organizations within industries so that more effective innovation decisions can be made”. (Flanagan, 2008) Best practices of Innovation Management There are different kind of processes in innovation, but because of the writing limitation given by my tutor, I will discuss some of them. Process Innovations The changing in the transformation process to get the new and improved product is a part of process innovation.

So the organization require peoples who actually can transform their techniques to get the improved out-put. Take the example of Sony Laptops, the end product which is assembled in factory and than delivered to the customer. It got scanning code, warranty tag, delivery parcel code etc. , and by this process of different codes parcel can be tracked. So the system is being followed by Sony to improve the delivery, is process innovation. By this system the delivery is very quick and they are capturing even more customers with the old same capacity.

“Continuous improvement (sometimes known as TQM and Kaizen) and Radical improvement (sometimes known as BPR or Discontinuity) are often seen as competing ways of improving performance” (Flanagan, 2008) “Davenport (1993) defines four type of innovation, but emphasises the importance of continuous improvement and process innovation, because they are so important, but usually implemented unsuccessfully. ” (Flanagan,2008) Kaizen Philosophy The kaizen philosophy is actually a Japanese concept of management, it relates to the continuous improvements such as Total quality management.

The five main elements of Kaizen philosophy are, Teamwork, Discipline, Morale, Quality and Improvement. Retrieved July 31, 2009, from http://www. valuebasedmanagement. net/methods_kaizen. html Product Innovation Changes in design of new product, or use something new to make new design of finished product. Computer manufacturing companies now introduced new mini laptops, they are small and portable and got almost same features as other standard laptops. So this idea of changing or developing new product design for laptop has been recognized by customers and become more popular.