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Marketing Report - Essay Example

The Windmill should retain fish and chips, coffee, coke, free services and Noodles because the options got a very high popularity in terms of quality, because in question 10, “which dish would you buy?” They all picked these. They should get rid of Vegetable Chow Mein because it hasn’t become very popular in price because in question 12 it shows its really expensive and everyone wanted the lower price Vegetable Chow Mein.

They should introduce more of the first option fish and chips in different sauces e.g. ketchup, tartare sauce BBQ sauce etc because in question 10, 70% of the people wanted to have sauces introduced because they say it brings flavour to the food. The way they can improve the service is by improving on their English and being courteous to the customers because in question 9 80% says they need to speak better English and they should be kinder.

The quality of the dishes is excellent because in question 7 50% says the quality of the dish is excellent while 30% think the quality of the dishes are very good. When they had competitions, they reacted quite well, with it, when a new competition had the advantage, they were calm and always resolve it by doing it quickly, they always remained calm, also when they had the upper hand, they always wait because they know their competition well do something to give them the upper hand. They also sell supermarket goods such as frozen ready meals and bottled drinks, which helps because the quality is much better than Tesco and people prefer to go there because people want to have cheap frozen food but with a high enough quality.

The population shows that, they’re enough people to feed, which makes the business ran more smoothly and also makes it more efficient. This statistics shows all the population 492,324 and this is in households 479,550, which tells us that many people will go there and buy takeaway. The target market of this company is everyone who lives in the Eastbourne Area who is above twelve years old, but especially people with a high disposable income.

They do sell indirectly to twelve year olds and below as parents often buy meals to share with the whole family, because the parents work so they should be able to have enough disposable income and buy more products also some of there food is baby food, also to all religions because if the person doesn’t want pork, then they will, to allow the market to go smoothly. The age group matters a lot as well because there are more 20-44, which is 28.50, which tells us that the age group can go there and buy takeaways for the family. Also if people want to review the restaurant, so if they want to give this place a good review, the only way is by making the food good and the health and safety has to be extremely clean.


They should consider Buy one get one free (BOGOF) promotions and the use of free samples, because in my analysis of the results, its shows that both of them are very popular. However it’s extremely costly to do this because free samples can be costly themselves. They should try Southern FM for advertising because it has a high reach in my media options and it has loads of listeners and the core audience is great because it’s their target audience but it will be very expensive and the result will be very unrealistic because it would be very expensive for a sole trade like this one. Other Promotion they could use could be leaflets put through local letter boxes, or putting posters up in public places or other shop windows. Local newspaper could be used for advertising too, and occasional discounts could be offered to selective groups such as students on different days.

The other alternatives they could use are Competitions because people may enjoy them and find them really interesting and discount for pensioners because the pensioners may want to have some soup but a cheaper price and they like the soup. The survey, I have in Primary research analysis says that using a bigger sign, will affect the customers more maybe because it is colourful, interesting and big. So the sign may grab people’s attention, so this will make people want to go in there and buy takeaway.

There is a big population in Eastbourne, they could put posters and leaflets through where they all live in, residential houses, so this makes people want to go to them, but the problem is it could be very expensive and time consuming. Also it might get wrinkled and people might not find it attractive, they could a big billboard, but it will far more than the leaflet and people may put graffiti on it, so it becomes horrible and that wastes a good amount of money, here is the entire population of Eastbourne 492,324 and how many lives in household 479,550, this could be problem because if they did that with the whole population it could be more expensive 10000 and if they did through the whole household it would be cheaper but not by much. Also if age groups matter because if the young wants to have some fun, then people can have competitions which may interest them, also the older people may find it interesting if they have discount for pensioners.

The age group for the elders is 48.24% and for the children and teenagers it would be 17.86%. When I was interviewing the owner he told me that they use bright and colourful leaflets, also a big appealing poster and the local newspaper. They could use Capital Gold but the reach and the listeners aren’t as high as Southern FM, but it reaches the core audience, this might be cheaper but still, it would be too much for a sole trader of this business. When the competition starts using promotions, for example Tesco uses Frank Lampard for their advertisement, they can’t react to that because they don’t have celebrity endorsement, so when they react they don’t do anything.


The opening hours are 11.30am to 2.00pm and 5.00pm till 11.00pm while 80% of the people in question 15 think this is convenient and perfect timing. People find walking isn’t too far to reach as in question 16c 90% agrees and says it’s not to far and its very close and people prefer to walk in question 16 where 50% prefer to walk. People who used cars, motorbikes and bikes are quite high in question 16 40% of the people use cars and motorbikes, most of the people found cars and motorbikes in question 16a very easy to park while the use of the bus in question 16 it was taken up by 10% to reach the Windmill. There were divided opinions as to whether this was convenient or not. Even though the shop is near to Tescos (which is cheap) people enjoy coming somewhere where they see a familiar face and they themselves will be recognised.

They may enjoy a social chat whilst waiting for their food. This encourages people to develop a community spirit and to return to the shop on a regular basis. The Windmill is right next to their competitors Tesco and Forn, this can increase competition and they can know what to do and what there competition will be doing. Also If the competition moves to a different place, then the Windmill will be happy because they can get more customers, coming to their shop and buy there, but if the competition goes to a better place, then some people from the Windmill will go there and make a new business there but with the same name and stay there, get some customers also see what there competition is doing. Using my data, if they want to get a place with where it is much closer, because with my primary data, people wanted the place closer where they can walk instead of taking the care, also if they can put more Windmill takeaways and shops then they can get most of the population to come and so they can get more people to help them.

Here is the entire population figure 492,324 and most of them are in residential household, so they maybe able to go there really easily also if they can have good infrastructure, then it would be better because people would be able to go there and shop easily also transport for their products and ingredients may come at a faster pace. Also, if they’re closer to civilisation, then they can have journalists come there and make there reviews so much easier, this may affect the business because the review would be affected by all the marketing mix. So if it’s close then the review could be much better. Also if the business is close to the workforce would affect the business, because if they are far then the employees might get annoyed. So place affects the business as a whole and using my secondary data as well for age group, if it’s closer as well, the pensioners will be able to walk there and they can get whatever.


Price is the least important of the options because in question 5, 50% of the people found the price the least important. Most people were very satisfied with the price because in question 6, 35 people said it’s cheap. People who wanted 10% cheaper said they would buy more, in question 12, 40 people prefer to buy more food, if it was cheaper. If it was more expensive 75% of the people I have interviewed would still buy here while 25 said no, because in question 13, half of the people interviewed they would and half said they wouldn’t.

When People have decided to use a takeaway they have a budget and most takeaways (due to competition) are very similar in hour they price their food. With my secondary research, I have found that many classes are in the higher socio economic groups and the intermediate socio economic groups while there are fewer lower socio economic groups, The Windmill should aim at the intermediate and the higher socio economic group because there are intermediate and higher socio economic groups than lower socio economic groups. The percentage of higher and intermediate is 64.38%. While the lower and unemployed are 35.61%.

They should try using different strategies such as Price penetration where it starts small then starts getting higher, this would be used if the product is good, so they can increase the price of the product and people would want to buy it if it is good. If the product is not as good as the other one, they can use price skimming; this is where it starts off high then starts getting lower. They can use that on the products that aren’t selling so well. If there is higher supply, then the demand will be low, sometimes they get rid of product for a year and afterwards, the customers want it, so demand goes really high and then they bring the product back.

With the interview with the owner, they sell the products to people than anyone older than 12 years old, because the older age group, will have a job and so will have a lot more disposable income and they can waste it on luxurious goods. Over the years, we didn’t have much disposable income so price would be more important than quality, but now because of the decrease of unemployment and the increase in disposable income.

That’s why Price is less important than Quality. Also when I look at some of products, from the introduction to the business, we have found that most of their products are cheaper than there competition which in turn will be better, even though price is the least important, we still want a product, really good but cheap. Also when like Forn increases the price, Windmill will increase it slightly to provide the competition. They do not want to increase it to high because people will think that is why too expensive, if Tesco decreased the price, then Windmill will decrease it so customers will come in and buy, they don’t want to decrease it to far, because people will think the quality will be way too low.

(Improve this In your discussion you should include research from your secondary research, the research from your interview with the owner, research from the media options available in your promotion and competition how will they react?) You should write at least 2/3 of a page for each one probably a page… this is a good start but there is loads more information to include.