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Merging Technology with Agriculture - Essay Example

Over the last few years, this generation, my generation, have been enjoying the spoils provided not only by the labor workers, but also provided by the natural resources of none other than the planet itself. The way of thinking of the youth seemed to have been used to this way of living, the abundance of resources given by the agricultural workers may be one of the factors that Influenced the matter at hand. Most of us seem to be so settled with how things are going now, despite the plethora of crisis that we are facing today.

But one type of resource crisis, which I consider to be one of he more serious Issues we are facing as of now: the problem regarding the ability of our generation to sustain enough agricultural resources for the next generation to consume. The lack and exhaustion of this particular resource, the reason for Its effect bounce left and right as It tries to balance Itself In the process. Not only does the agricultural resource Is depleting, but also other type of resource such as petroleum, which takes a million years to form and Is Limited In Its use(). But Is this even considered as a problem? Can’t we just produce much more to meet the needs?

No. The demands of the consumers become extremely high to be able to give the agricultural workers the sweat and blood of labor feeling. The demand is the root and the depletion is the plant. Something must be done to the issue, solutions like seminars and campaigns to increase awareness are absolutely ineffective for a market this large. But what could be the solution for this issue? Issues such as this, requires a medium that includes modules that can facilitate all the movements in the field. The best solution that we can employ is a Web Communication System. I know what you’re thinking, a communications device as a new medium?

We already have this type of technology, but the way it is executed is not exclusive for the absolute use of the agricultural companies, which pushes them away from this things. The exclusivity and functional integrity is its bread and butter. The use of this particular system will be very much different from the technology we have now; as I said, it is the execution that can be considered the mistake, but the modules that will be used as the Internals already exists. The Web Communication System that I have proposed has on purpose: to unite the markets on near and far areas.

The one main problem that Is an obvious issue is shortage of resources. What If for example one market has pineapple in their inventory, while the other does not? The first market will be able to use this medium to communicate and negotiate with the second market, as they try to Integrate their resource Inventories, and to prevent a stale saturated market. With the Integration of the said resources, shortage will no longer be an Issue as long as he community or basically the users; work together through constant communication between one another.

A solution to a problem Is not the only thing being offered by this system, this system also provides opportunities that would benefit both the workers and the consumers. Two big opportunities can be seen in this context. First is the opportunity to advertise their product, though exclusivity is the first thing I mentioned to be the thing that separates this particular system from agricultural markets, but that does not mean that it is somewhat private.. Second is he opportunity to create a whole new market in this type of media.

With the resulting effects of these opportunities, the consumers will surely be pulled towards the market even more, resulting to a more effective and efficient production. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. This is the problem in this generation, most people is afraid of taking risks regarding this issues in the fear of losing their revenue. Through gambling these set of solutions, we might Just be able to foresee the solutions, not only to the problems today, but as well as the adversaries we will meet in the future.