Microsoft office tool in Tata communications ltd - Essay Example

Data Recording: The data will be recoding using a questionnaire and will be noted in a paper, this will help us to further analyze the data. Data Analysis: The data collected will be feeded in the computer to further analyze and check the accuracy of the data. The data will also be molded in forms of charts, graphs, and in various other forms to make the statistical analysis. Data Presentation: The data will be presented in form of a research report with a main topic in depth with Title, Aim, Objectives, Literature Review, Findings, conclusion, and recommendations.

Pilot Study: We will conduct a pilot study before starting the actual work with the company’s manager / personnel. This pilot study will help us to improve any deficiency in our questionnaire pattern. Reliability: By Conducting an pilot study the reliability of data will be higher. The data will be collected from most trusted sources such as official sites of the company Tata Communications Ltd, official media sources such as Reuters, British Library, etc which will assures the reliability of the data

Validity: The data collected will be easy to validate as it will be collected from the trusted / reliable sources. Also after conducting an pilot study the validity of our data will be higher. Ethical Issues: There would be some ethical issues in collecting primary data i. e. while conducting interviews with the TCL personnel, such as declaring the privacy of the personnel taking part in the interview. There would be some chances of leaking of the data as we would be using computers as technical tool for gathering the information

Limitations: Research limitation will be constraint of resources, availability of time and funds, accessibility of data, confidentiality / secrecy matters. Target Group: Our target group will be the managers of the company i. e. Tata Communications Ltd. Resources used for the research: Laptop, supervisors, pen, papers, British Library, books, Internet, Journals, Company officials, Microsoft office tool.