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Misuse of Morden Technology - Essay Example

Misuse of Technologylntroduction: Technology In our days Is linked to practically everything we do India has changed people’s lives In various ways. We use It at work such the Internet and computers, we use It for personal matters entertainment such as mobile phones. But everyone should know hoot benefit from technology and not misuse It during our daily lives. Discussion: The big problem about technology misuses can be summarized in towards: culture and education.

Some people aren’t sufficiently cultured touts technology properly as tool because they use it as an easy Washington or as a fashionable trends. Also, these people do not habituation to use it correctly. Because of hundreds of services that technology offers, there are antihistamines to harm persons and waste time. People use their time to harbormasters even though they know that it is not good. For example, polyunsaturated weapons to destroy others instead of improving themselves. People are actually concerned about misuse and abuse of technology. Collects states that internet uses lead to Intimidation or threat to people swell as allowing easy piracy by providing the Infrastructure to Illegalities or software downloads and plagiarism. Educational Institutions reworded about student’s development in their classes due to misuses of technology. For instance, learners are using cellophanes, playing games,and surfing on some pornographic web sites and other non suitable gesturing class.

Some students even start using cellophanes at the age of ten. This isn’t a bad thing because many parents are both working and have tolerate their children with a babysitter, so they need a way to communicated their children. Nowadays, children not only want to have cellophanes, but also prefer to have the latest version of it. If children do not have it,they might feel ashamed with their friends and prefer to leave their old-fashioned cellophane at home.

Moreover, many late model cellophanes built-in camera and some people use It to record pictures or bloodstone may damage others reputation. Because of these, some people sand think that the technology Is responsible and It is not good for society. However, people have to understand that this is happening because of technology misuse. As a tool, technology do not do anything to threatened society, it is the misuse of it that threatens society. It is humans thatches a technology that threatens society, the fault is at the user of technology, not the technology itself.

Conclusion: This paper should not be read as a blanket condemnation of lethargically developments, but a plea for technology in its place. That place is for environmental rather than Individual modification interrelation. Indeed technology has proved Ineffective and Inefficient modifying Individuals and there is little evidence for great putrescence’s. The ‘Six Million Dollar’ Man and the ‘Bionic Woman , are noticeable fiction based on projected facts but modern day fairy tales.