Modern Technology - Essay Example

We are now in the modernized and industrialized world, an ideal place for technology to develop. Technology has many benefits indeed, and those benefits may outweigh the costs. However, this depends largely on the effective utilization of each person, the way we use technology In dally life. Technology changes the world and makes It a better place for us to live. Many achievements are made to serve our needs. For example, In the past, weaving fabric was a difficult, time-consuming Job.

Since James Watt, a Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer, invented a steam machine in 1784, weaving fabric became much easily. Many fabrics were made for the consumer market, and it did not need much human physical strength. Now, we do not do everything by hand, because machines are created to help us. Therefore, labor efficiency changes remarkably with the use of technology. In medicine and pharmacy, technology also plays an important role.

For example, Charles Drew, Chair of Surgery at Howard university, discovered a way to preserve blood. This invention made a great progress to history of medicine. Blood Bank. The storing of blood plasma system, helps to store, preserve, and reconstitute blood for a later use. Technological equipment, In weather forecast, help save more lives and predict natural disasters. In the past, when a storm comes, most of us do not realize the danger. Now we can forecast the weather and even more and more correctly.

Technology has helped humanity in many fields such as agriculture, textiles and health care. Technology can also widen our knowledge. For example, television, with many channels, contains many different kinds of knowledge from all over the world. It can not only entertain us but also show us everything. More specifically, the Discovery Channel, a scientific channel, contains much information about science and genealogy. The Animal Planet comprises many events about the environment.

Besides television, the Internet is extremely useful and important. We can read newspapers and magazines online for new information. We may study or find some useful things on the Internet for research by “goggling” a subject. Modern technology has greatly advanced ways and methods of education. In conclusion, technology Is monumentally beneficial. It creates a better world and enriches the knowledge of people. Nevertheless, the wisdom of using technology is absolutely necessary and important to avoid the costs.