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Modern Technology - Essay Example

In our generation today, modern technology has become more convenient than in our past generation. Because there are many advance gadgets that help us do the work easier and faster. Technology is one of the methods of solving practical problems in our daily lives. This has to do with tools, techniques, and procedures, putting the findings and research of modern science to use.

In short, genealogy is a way of doing things easier and lesser time consuming. However, technologist specifically sets out to design, to improve, to create and to build. Something to use as an enjoyment for humans like toys, computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and other devices that are being used to entertain and fill our happiness for hassle free satellites of human life. For example: If you are stressed from work. You can watch television so that It can make you relax.

And also, you can also enjoy entertainment using your mobile phone and tablet. You can play games, listen to music, surf in internet, and take selfless. Computer will always have a remarkable impact in our modern lives. Today, computers and laptops are globally used in our generation. Don’t you know that using modern technology too much has bad effects? Like computers, most of the students played computer games and they don’t have any time to study their lessons.

They also skip classes and they borrowed money from their parents in order to pay projects, but the truth Is they pay it to the computer shop. When you are hooked in television or become addicted to it. Watching too much can drain your energy. You’ll become powerless to do things. Even we people who are responsible of bulling and creating gadgets and machines abuse its uses. This results to people blaming technology for widespread pollution where in fact, we humans are the ones creating these pollutions.