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Modern Technology Always Improve the Quality - Essay Example

Modern technology worsens work-life balance through smartness and computers as employees have access to work 24 hours. Some companies also expect their employees to respond to email immediately after work hours. Therefore, employees feel compelled to respond to official emails and engage in continuous monitoring of their work related emails. This may result in a compulsive routine of chronic checking of emails. The existence of smartened and computer has blurred the distinctions between work and family time. Thus, It Increases stress and lowers worker’s productivity.

The quality of people’s life have been deteriorated. Smartened and computer have Indeed increased celestially and enhanced communication. We can now social network across borders through Backbone, Twitter and other social network platforms. Also, Businessmen need not travel from country to country for business meetings because there is virtual meeting software. Now, they can engage in meetings without having to be there in person. This becomes more time efficient. Detractors may argue that modern technology gives rise to deadly weapons such as nuclear missiles.

These deadly weapons can lead to a massive loss of innocent life. One example is the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II. Radiation also ravaged the remaining survivors and the next generation’s babies were born with deformities. This has shown that nuclear weapons caused devastation to mankind. Few months back, a nuclear warfare almost broke out between North Korea and USA. That was a period of extreme tension and fear. Nonetheless, the advancement In military technology Improves security within one country as we become more efficient In espousing to threats such as terrorism.

Terrorism cannot be combat by conventional war fighting forces but by intelligence forces that detect threats before it actually happens. This way, citizens will feel safe and secure without constantly living in fear. The radar system also assists soldiers in battlefield as it detects threats from a distance, allowing soldiers to move their Jets to avoid inflicting damage. Technology Furthermore, modern technology brings improvement in health. Since machinery are getting more sophisticated and advanced, this improves medical research.

Now, scientists are closer in finding cure for deadly diseases. Previously, the cure for cancer was only limited to chemotherapy and radiotherapy which will kill healthy cells and also leave the patient with side effects. But In present time, researchers have come up with another solution known as the T-cell therapy. It uses body’s immune system to fight against cancerous cells. This therapy not only protects radiotherapy. Another way that modern technology improves the quality of people’s life is through entertainment. The quality of entertainment has been improving.

Movie theatres now have AD functions that provide the illusion of depth when viewing films. This brings more enjoyment to people as they will be in awe when images are made more ‘real’. Technology not only improves the quality of entertainment, it also increases the availability of entertainment. With smartened, computers and television, users can watch their favorite drama shows or play interactive games with Just a click of a button. Variety shows from another country can also be broadcasted in your homeland. One need not be in the host country for

FIFE world cup to watch the match as we can watch it straight from home or even at the nearby coffee shop. This is because the satellite can transmit the data across the globe at a tremendously fast pace. Entertainment brings us relaxation, refreshment and enjoyment. It is a get away from heavy workload. After a nice break we will be more energies to continue with work. In conclusion, while it is true that technology has brought us a lot of benefits in areas like entertainment, medicine, country security and communication. One must also not forget that technology can be harmful when fall into the wrong hands.