Modern technology is a bane. - Essay Example

Throughout two years experience In Industrial Engineering field, most of mass production process In domestic and foreign countries have concerned with technology that it probably seems to replace social responsibility. Convenience and constant performance can be produced by modern technology. Profound foundation of technology is main propose in prospect of study for master of information and communication technology and master of computer science, therefore more experiences and argument researches can certainly advantage to establish potential basis of study.

The analysis of the research topic The purpose of research questions, “Modern technology is a bane not a boon. Do you agree? ” Is to analyze and argue the disadvantage or the advantage of modern technology which is regarded as a bane or a boon. In the research topic question has two aspects of discussion about modern technology Is a bane not a boon or modern technology is a boon not a bane. Bane of modern technology can attribute to social problems that have increased unemployment problem, social stress levels and destruction of natural ecology.

There is more conclusive evidence of social problems that has contribute by disadvantage of modern technology; for example, machine replacement In factory, Increased unemployment rate after terrorist attack, increased social stress level, pollution by modern technology, extinct of natural resources and rest area and hazardous waste In nature. Although It cannot be denied that modern technology has contributed to advantage, it should also be seen that modern technology has negatively affected social degeneration. Modern technology is a bane. The diagram in this below shows structure of the analysis of research question.

DATA COLLECTION The research method The research has completed in four steps. First of all, chosen research question, answer of the research question was required by exploit background and information from pass experience and analysis of key concept. In the second step, secondary source from research book and current Journal article was analyzed and author, which has encouraged an argument must be related and specified with question propose. Accordingly, it should confirm argument by provided strong and reasonable evidence to supporting research answer.

The third step, review and revise of verbal structure and logical concept have done by reviewer in the draft of research. Although the research was based on personal observations or expert opinions, background and pass experience about argument in research answer is significance. The forth step was rewritten and improved the research by add more evidence to compose strongly research. Therefore more evidence has provided from current Journal article in many way, such as newspaper or internet to modernized information.

However, the research was completed in four steps, but analysis of argument research and technology foundation is required for improvement. Annotated bibliography Brown, A. (2001). Sometimes the ululated are right. The Futurist, 35(5), 38-41 This article identifies a disciplinary negative consequence of technological development behind the problematic of society. This article discusses about an argument that concerns with problem from new technology in 21st century. The main point of this article adequately presents the effects of modern technology based on contemporary problem.

This article is written for the researchers who are studying in computer or technology education. Delis, J. R. (2002). Real estate and the capital market: A special look at the impact of terrorism. The appraisal Journal, 70(1), 10-20 This article attempts to show an economic downturn problem in United States of America in 2002. The prolonged economic crisis is caused from violent crime by terrorist attack on September 1 lath 2001. This article shows a content that concerns with an economic problem, which affects economic market in United States of America.

The main point of this article adequately presents the information of economic crisis based on contemporary problem. This article is written for the researchers who are interesting in area of global crisis in the view of economics study. Float, B. V. (1995). The Technological Domination of Nature: Nature as inventory. In B. V. Float, Inhabiting the earth: Heidegger, environmental ethics, and the metaphysics of nature (up. 84-109). New Jersey: Humanities Press International, Inc.. This chapter discusses and clarifies the question of relationship between natural environment and policy of the future.

The detail in this chapter can be presented as an attempt to clarify that possibility by explanation in details of how influential philosophers to rightly inhabit in the earth. The question how technology dominates on nature as inventory is described in this chapter. The significance of is written for the researchers who are undertaking in area of natural environment philosophy. Hang, S. (1999). Ecological pantomimic; the parameterization of the ecological crisis. College literature, 26(1), 137-149. This article attempts to identify a disciplinary apparatus behind the problem of ecological crisis.

The detail in this chapter discusses about an argument that concerns with an ecological problem, which has been a problematic crisis. The main point of this article adequately presents the effects of ecological crisis based on contemporary technology. This article is written for the researchers who are undertaking in area of ecological sciences. Seal, H. P. (1994). Kurt Evensong’s Player Piano: Ambiguous Technological Dyspepsia. In H. P. Seal, Future imperfect: the mixed blessings of technology in America (up. 26-146). United State of America: The University of Massachusetts Press.

This chapter describes the technology imperative lies, which is debated over technology and progress, at contemporary. It identifies the affect of technology in term of contemporary crisis from the historical problem based on American society and culture. This chapter uses case studies to analyze and illuminate a relation of today’s technology based on American history, especially in Maine. This chapter is written for researchers who are studying in unadulterated technological progress. Well, M. M. & Rosen, L. D. (1997). HOW Deconstructed Are you?. In M. M. Wetly & L.

D. Rosen, Technologies: coping with technology @ work @ home @ play (up. 1-26). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. This chapter describes how technology stresses people. It presents about increased stress levels in contemporary society which has caused by technology. The focus point of this chapter shows relationship between development of technology on frustration feeling and annoyance feeling which has contributed to stress levels. This chapter is written for researchers who are undertaking in area of psychological sciences or development of technological science.

The critical review During the past three decades, the ecological crisis has been problematic basis to society. Modern technology has constructed ecology crisis. Sung I-J Hang, in a 1999, attempts to identify a disciplinary apparatus betide the problematic ecological crisis. Hang, a PhD in political science at the University of Connecticut, dissenting on “Green Capitalism: A Dangerous Liaison”, focuses on personalized responsibility and provides a case of global management to treat ecologic problem. Therefore, sustainable refinement of ecological crisis is complicated and seemed to be ideology. Montgomery society. This article can be advanced for natural research study for understanding contemporary ecology crisis. Disciplinary apparatus betide the ecological crisis is imperative proclamation in contemporary society. Ecological crisis can be defined as a natural degrading phenomenon, such as global warming, ozone depletion, resource exhaustion, and toxic pollution. An additional a disciplinary apparatus, Hang has defined as an acceleration of ecology crisis that can analyze within three factors.

The first is an increased population that can be impacted to ecological sources, the second is exhausted natural resources by consumption of technology, and the third is natural resources exploitation that is used for supporting economics. Thus, this article has presented detail of each mention as a key term of cause-effect in ecological crisis. However, it seems that the most important apparatus in this article is exhausted natural resources by technology because technology seems to be increased influence in contemporary society.

On the other hand, it should be recognized negative affect of technology through ecology crisis. Among a disciplinary apparatus of ecological crisis in this analysis, perhaps the most interesting is the consistency which Hang suggests between ecological degeneration from development of modern technology and increasing population in society. Indeed, it seems to be that an ecological crisis might be depended on increased population growth rate because more consumption demands of population are accelerated exhaust of natural resources and technology is as an apparatus for increased exhaust rate.

An additional making this important relation, Hang analyzes a greenish behavior that is claimed environmentalist and ecologist to study relationship between modern technology and the population rate in West Chester. However, Hang’s view on each element of the ecological crisis has based on the claim that ecological crisis requires the supporting scientific evidence of advanced technology which is major cause of the ecology crisis but this evidence is used a less of statistic database to support. This claim is reasonable, although it seems to be unprocurable evidence.

Because of many information from secondary sources shows that technology has increased ecology crisis in contemporary society. Hang also suggests that the reason why affectation from modern technology must be reclaimed that is inseparability in ecological crisis because of it is unnoticed fact of ecological debacle. Without further documentation, this concept is hard to accept because it is unprocurable claim. Moreover, Hang calls upon research experience in a firm he founded on database from Intel Corporation, which is presented about hazardous waste from its product.

However, more questions need to be made available by Hang to prove and support the evidence so strong, such as How can modern technology make ecological disaster? Perhaps the fault in Hang’s reasoning is his claim that technology itself is a major to only occur from technology but also it causes by the user who apply or implement technology. Even though modern technology can be validated a warning of ecological crisis, society should determine about the affect through the natural destruction.

It seems that, in general, his research is more appropriate for the victim who receives more effect on the disaster crisis that has to deal with contemporary technology. Because technology can cause social problem through ecology crisis and unrecognized of disadvantaged technology is increased trouble in society. Finally from Hang’s research, the conclusion of ecological crisis is caused from any factors and it is early imperative subject for society. One factor of ecological crisis is from modern technology because technology can be exhausted many natural resources that is caused about destruction of natural ecology and environment crisis.

It is probably suitable way for contemporary society to utilize technology in only positive way not in the negative way by conserved natural resources because technology can extinct all of natural resources easier. The analysis of research The research was limited by the time limitation. Argument writing and evidence source is caused of trouble. According to the question of research must be related by pass experience and current information that can initiate time limitation.

Research source and collected information was limited progress of the research because of UN- updated information or unrelated research source and indistinguishable propose of author. An additional limitation, ambiguity of the research topic and aspect of research question can attributed to limited research. Consistent with research question should be specified or focused on the advantage or disadvantage of technology, such as computer or communication technology. Other possible factors hat limit the research is deficiency of background in pass experience, but it can solve by searched secondary source form library or modernized information.

Thus, although topical question has limited the research, the research can be improved foundation of technology and argument writing. The suggestions for future study If this topic area was chosen again, same kind of research question in technology field would be selected. Throughout pass experience and current global situation can construct proficient foundation about modern technology. Contemporary world has many kinds of resource to develop basis of technology knowledge; for instance, swapper and internet is the modernized information to supply comprehensive demand.

Consequently analysis of research topic area can implement with that kinds of modernized information. Moreover the possible areas that should be taken into consideration for any similar research in future maybe scope in politics about immigration from underdeveloped country or contemporary psychological problem because these problems have increased negative effect on many countries in the consequence of technology throughout social problems; however technology should be regarded to utilize in only the positive way not in the negative way.