Modern Technology - Essay Example

Nowadays, if you don’t want to sit somewhere alone and mumble to yourself, you must have good knowledge to keep conversations going. In order to know more, you have to read and analyses more Information. In today’s world, there are 2 mall sources of information: books and the Internet, which Is developing at a fast pace. This creates an arguable question: “Will the Internet become the mall source of Information and books become extinct In future? ” For ages, books were adored as age amount of Information. However, they are being replaced by their electronic “copies” which affect health problems as red-eyes and vowels Issues.

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Secondly, according to lectures of Howard Berg, who Is the world’s fastest reader, and to Spreader website, e-books reduce the reading speed of readers to 25%, which makes them to sit in front of the monitor more and cause more health problems. Another good side of the real book is that you do not depend on the battery of electricity. On he other hand, real books are made of woods, which cause reducing of forests in the world and make the ecology worse. Moreover, real books take more place in your bag and, also, its quality goes down because of the usage, but e-books are compact and don’t change after several usages.

Thirdly, electronic information in the Internet is more and faster approachable than the real sources. For instance, one can Google any specific information in seconds, rather than searching books in libraries and then canning for the required information. Furthermore, more information can be found in the Internet, which would probably never be found as a book, or in a book. To conclude with, I would like to say that (Is it K to begin conclusion like this? I usually begin so) books are valuable sources of information, but I believe that some day the Internet will absorb all the knowledge in al books and become the crucial source of know-how.