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Motivating Information Technology Employees - Essay Example

This is a problem several companies face every day. Many times In I. T. There are issues that can be fixed by simple code changes or scripts but the issues are very simple with manual intervention. However, the basic theme of I. T. Is to automate everything. How do we motivate employees that can click two buttons to fix something versus them being motivated enough to write a script that clicks those two buttons automatically? “l choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do It” quoted from Bill Gates.

This should be the essential mindset behind most people who work in I. T. It is not necessarily that lazy people work in the technology field, but we strive to make computers work for us rather than against or with us, Another commonly used phrase Is “work smarter, not harder. ” If there is a task that must be completed everyday but only takes 5 minutes to do, it may not seem beneficial to automate it. However, if one spends an hour automating the 5 minute task, they will never have to spend five minutes doing It ever gain and in the long run increase productivity.

This is what managers struggle with motivating employees to work towards in I. T. Motivating employees in the workplace Is Just a matter of helping them reach self-actualization on Measles hierarchy of needs theory. Nearly all people living in the united States have their first three immediate needs met: Physiological, Safety, and Social. People specifically working in the I. T. Field can almost always ensure they have the fourth need met which Is self- esteem. This is generally because I. T. BBS are higher paying Jobs that many people had to go to college for or worked really long and really hard in order to obtain. So we have people that are well-fed. In a secured environment, have a social group to be In, and feel pretty good about themselves and where they are in life. Why then is it hard to motivate these people to self-actualization? One of the hardest parts about working in is you are Interacting with a computer screen for most of your day. You are making decisions and doing work that can be hard for an end-user to see.

You ay work on several servers or computers but it is hard to see the bigger scope of your Impact on a business. This is where managers really need to step Im Job performance is simply a function of ability time’s motivation. Many decisions made on promotions are based on Job performance reviews. So promotions are directly linked to the motivation behind an employee. The question becomes how can a manager motivate his/her employees? There are seven strategies that can be used: Positive reinforcement/high expectations, effective discipline and punishment, structuring Jobs, base rewards on Job performance.

The single most effective strategy for motivation is high expectations couple with positive reinforcement. Many people, especially those looking for promotions, rely on their manger to provide them with expectations or steps on how to get to the next place in their career. If a manager only has expectations for an employee to do their current level of work, not only will they be less motivated to go above and beyond, but less motivated to put in time and effort into their current work.

This is because they will not see any benefit gained from working a little bit harder. However, if a manager puts forward some guiding higher level expectations and an employee starts meeting those than he/she has the promise of a promotion. Although compensation in the form of money cannot be the only form of motivation. “In one of the most elaborate studies on employee motivation, involving 31,000 men and 13,000 women, the Minneapolis Gas Company sought to determine what their potential employee’s desire most from a Job.