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Multimedia Technology - Essay Example

Creative have also created TV advertising for the likes of Clearly, I really like their use of AD text which flows in front & behind images on screen in this ad -more experience in this type of work could be gained through work experience or more education . Web design & app development – Kabob. El This Dublin based agency take the web to a new level, working with some of Ireland’s top brands such as Tatty, Academy & Heinz. An appointment with Kabob Is high on my list of goals.

This company has a very quirky yet effective way of getting the message across. In order to increase my web design skills, would cherish the opportunity to get behind the scenes at Kabob to learn the ropes. With that said, I would need to specialist a bit more in the web design field and further education is the only way forward here. Pre & Post production for TV- Piranha. IEEE Piranha Bar offer a wide variety of pre and post production facilities for the television commercial Industry.

As an ever changing Industry I would love the opportunity to experience the process Piranha Bar use to gain such amazing results. The agency have produced some beautiful adverts for the Likes of FM, VHF & Heinlein. Once again, further education specializing In post-production would be a necessity. I have not enough experience in the pre-production process to know if it would be for me – therefore, a small amount of unpaid work experience in this area could change my mind on it.