Music Technology Essay - Essay Example

Technology in Modern Society Im here to talk about the positive and negative effects technology has had on the modern society of today. I will will first be explaining the the historical background of music technology and how it has accelerated over the years. One of the most earliest recording Inventions was made in 1 857 and it was Invented by Detoured-Leon Scott, It was called the pantograph. It was the flirts device that could capture sound waves In the air. Its mall use was to be able to be used for visual study and was unable to be played back.

In 1898 the first form of recording had been invented with the use of magnetic cording. This was called the telegraphing Invented by a Danish inventor called Palomar Paulsen. The telegraphing was able to record sound magnetically by using a thin steel wire, made from ordinary steel. The telegraphing was also used as an answer phone and office dictating systems. Paulsen also invented a machine that was able to record magnetically on steel. The invention was very unsuccessful and was only manufactured by two companies.

As people found out that the telegraphing was able to perform other Jobs such as office dictation and answering phones, a few European companies tried to market the product In the 1 sass with enhanced features. These machines were able to pick up weak telephone signals and with amplifiers could reproduce the sound with better volume. Examples of these machines included the teaspoon and the Telegraph. In the early asses A German electrical manufacturer and his team designed a new kind of tape recorder, but instead of Pollen’s solid steel band they came up with the idea of using plastic tape coated in iron oxide.

This type of recorder was called the Megaphone, this was considered poorer quality compared to already existing wire recorders but was soon Improved and became standard recorders In German radio stations. The development of wire recorders had continued in the period of time between the sass’s and sass’s , they were only being manufactured in small quantities, the Japanese in World War 2 were allies for the Germans and so the Japanese were able to gain access to some on the electrical technology, they designed and improved version and used it only for military purposes.

Electrical Recordings In 1924, Columbia had experimented with technology from the Western Electrical Company, the company which made telephones etc, they decided to use electric amplifiers instead on the acoustic horn, this made the recording sounds louder and a ore clearer record. This soon became a more common device for people to by electric amplifiers. Later on they developed Into Transcription, this type of recording electromagnetic cutting head.

The first produced vinyl records were in 1930 they had a inch diameter even though they had much better qualifications than the current recording systems many people were unable to afford the playback equipment was too expensive during the great depression. These inch vinyl were only able to record six minutes of sound, these short records were sent to troops to provide them with the current popular music at that time. After the war, Columbia Records carried on their research on affordable playback equipment.

The invention of record players had a massive impact on the music culture, an example is in the early days of hip-hop where hip hop musicians would use multiple turntables to mix music and keep it flowing, they would also use other techniques such as scratching and turntables which involves cutting quickly between two records. Many people that appreciate music Just prefer the sound of vinyl as they believe it has a fuller, deeper sound compared to digital recordings. Tape Recorders

The production of record player increased in 1964 in Germany, they launched in Europe in 1965. Tape cassettes had really only been designed for dictation and portable use as the audio quality wasn’t good. They later unproved during the asses where the they were made with better sound quality and more portable and example being Sonny’s Walkway. The marketing of cassettes became more popular than vinyl record sales. As much of a move forward the cassette was because of there size and speed compared to the stereo the cassette was considered poorer quality.

In my pinion tape recorders were very short lived and they could be very fussy to deal with, they where quite chunky and plastic and to rewind a tape you would have to turn the small loops in the middle. But also think they could still have some sentimental value as it is still something to show for other than Just storing songs onto and pod or a phone. CAD’S The first CD was produced minion in Germany by Philips and Sony. In ! 970 Philips developed ALP which stoop for audio long play an audio disc that would go against vinyl, this would be done using laser technology.

Lou Teens worked for Philips and suggested that ALP should be made smaller than the vinyl and hold up to one hour of audio. This was unable to be done as at the time as to fit an hour of music on a disc it would’ve had to of been CACM diameter. Sony insisted that that a disc must hold all of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, a CD was able to hold minutes of sound but then CD was them increased too CACM diameter. In 1982 Philips had invented the CD player, the first commercial Cad’s came from ABA, Herbert von Karakas conducting the Paine Symphony. By 2000 Cad’s became a worldwide success the sale of CD albums sales ad consisted of 2. Billion but by 2006 the figure had dropped by 1 . 755 billion. I think people now prefer the idea of vinyl as people appreciate the sound quality they believe it sounds a lot more raw and smoother. Cad’s are still quite portable but Downloading Music Anapest was the first file sharing program which was started up by Shawn Fanning, this was a network was made for sharing music files. People were able to swap share and show song, but in doing this it was going against the copyright laws. Downloading had a bad effect on the music industry as music artists and record impasses where unable to recoup the costs of producing music.

Metallic front man took a public stand against Anapest and soon after it was shutdown, since then online music stores have been set up such as apple ‘tunes store which sells albums an singles online. There has also been many websites that have been closed down for being able to pirate music such as a downloading application such as limier. Its bad enough that these websites are illegal but these can also harm peoples computers as you don’t know fully as to what you are downloading which could end up being a virus, The Influence Technology has had on Music

The recording of music technology has developed hugely over the years making music so accessible to the point where you only need one device to carry thousands of recorded songs. Technology has consisted of having positive and negative effects on music. Technology has allowed music to be shown all around the world online and it allows music consumers to be able to purchase songs online with the click of a button. Been able to purchase music online makes it a lot easier for the buyer as it doesn’t involve much effort and all and can be stored on a portable device such as ‘pods and amps.

But a disadvantage has been that music can be very easily pirated illegally. The sound recording industry figures have halved over the past 15 years, this is a drastic effect from the problem of people downloading music illegally. The R. I. A. A have worked out that worldwide music piracy causes $12. Billion of economic losses every year. In my opinion many big artists get enough money for making music and I would illegally download that music because I feel it isn’t far. I feel more generous in buying music forestaller artists and bands because they need the money more to tour and travel around to try and get themselves bigger.