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Negative effects of communication technology - Essay Example

One of the main issues that interaction technological equipment brings about is the inefficiency in straight conversation. According to Cohen and Wills (1985), contacting directly can help communicators know more about social norms as well as make their self-confidence stronger. Therefore, if this kind of contact decreases, which probably results from the abuse of technology in Interacting, people might have no Idea about basic etiquette and feel Insecure when communicating with others or in public places.

Moreover, they may have to face the usability that both of their verbal and non-verbal skills would be deficient. As a result, individuals will find it difficult to identify implications, to use body language and to choose accurate words to express own ideas. Consequently, communication breakdowns happen and sidetrack the dialog. Another problem is that utilizing these technologies In an excessive level can make Its consumers addicted, thus causing psychological disorders and a loss of focus.

Due to the conveniences and multifunction of communication technological devices, people can be strongly attracted by those equipment. They are almost ready to ignore all of the things around them to spend hours to send emails or chat with friends by their modern and expensive cellophanes. As a consequence, the ability to concentrate is significantly eroded and this issue affects Individuals’ works in negative way. Dobbin (2011) claims that man Is being disturbed by several applications of new technology and It Is also one of the major causes that make process of reading be Interrupted.

Thus, workers may perform unproductively in researches and analyses. Besides, as Cole (2000) indicates, people who use the Internet heavily are more likely to take less time to communicate with their family members. Therefore, technology addiction possibly leads its victims to loneliness which could be the reason of being isolated and depression. Overall, being addicted by interaction technologies Is very dangerous and It can harmfully Impact not only users’ attention but also their mental health. Finally, there is issue about superficial relationships.

In other words, using technological facilities to communicate can make the relations that utilizes already eave become weak and bring to them several acquaintanceship that are not deep and unreliable. To explain the idea about weaker associations, because of the use of technological devices in work’s Interacting, the life’s scale has been considerably affecting one in three relationships’ (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2011, p. 1). The main cause of it is that due to this imbalance, workers might have no time to spend with family completely.

As a result, the links between them and acquaintances can be worse. Furthermore, according to Park and Roberts (1998), the relationships which re created by offline communicating are definitely more durable than ones that are made by meeting online. This is because individuals who use interaction technologies are usually tend to access social networking sites. In these websites, except people that the users know clearly, there are many strangers who want to add them as friends have incredible background information.

Thus, creating and maintaining a stable relationship seem impossible. To conclude, communication technology has many harmful impacts on society. One of them is the ineffectiveness in direct conversation. Another one is the addiction which leads to mental problems and less attention. The final issue is about superficial acquaintanceship. Briefly, the disadvantages of interaction technologies on society outweigh their positive effects and each person should have own solution to decline these negative influences.