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New Technology: Fiber Optics - Essay Example

Strategies for the Technical Professional A fiber optic circuit is the path of Information travel In which light acts as the Information carrier and is multiplied by Internal reflection through a transparent optical wave guide. Fiber optic wires are used when normal shielded or coaxial cable falls or don’t meet the specifications needed. Fiber optic cables have a nearly perfect waveguide for light, meaning very little energy Is lost through radiation, which means the data traveling within the cables Is secure from eavesdropping.

Fiber optic cables also have a very small diameter, which allows for telecommunication cables to be packed together at a higher density. The Information provided was simple and easy to understand and was provided In a concise way. It explained how the optical wiring worked and the pros of using it over coaxial cables or shielded twisted cables. It had diagrams that showed the structure of the cable and how the light and data was transmitted along with a graph on wavelengths comparing the wires. The article also gave practical uses for the wire and some reasons how the technology is limited by the electronics speed in signal regeneration.

The article is a very good source for information on Fiber Optic technology. It gives great examples and haves great graphs that explain the technology in an easy way to understand. It has a lot of information you could use in a project or in the process of creating a network using Fiber Optics as its backbone.