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New Technology in My Field - Essay Example

Even though privacy and information quality have some kiss, the opportunity for electronic health technology to Improve access to information, reach rural and poor populations, reduce health care costs, and add health care services and Information Is significant as well. Electronic health Is associated by some as Just dealing with the Internet but Is “any electronic exchange of health related data collected or analyzed through an electronic connectivity for improving efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery. ” It is a general term that refers to the technology that is used for clinical, educational, research, and administration.

It is used in local offices and across the world. There are thousands of websites that can be accessed with different qualities of health information that patients and professionals alike use and the amount continues to grow. Some of the goals of electronic health include increased efficiency for the professional, improved quality of care for the patient, and increased commitment to evidence based medicine. There Is also the feeling of empowerment for the patient with the increase of new relationships between providers and their patients. Other goals

Include Information that Is current and up to date to treat the patient and Improve patient’s health. Part of the patient customer service Involves the patients being able to access their own medical information through the electronic health records. That allows them to be a part of their own health care. They are able to have the patient-physician interaction and using email can provide the patients with the opportunity to email questions and receive answers from their provider, enhancing communication. Patients are also able to request appointment, receive reminders for appointments.

Many providers are able to access patient information on handheld devices such as Pad’s or even their smart phones. Most providers/physicians’ offices use either desktop or laptop computers to get access to their patient’s information As the use of the internet grows, health care organizations are using the opportunity to reach their patients and be cost effective as well. This Includes patient education, administrative transactions, marketing and Increasing operational efficiency. There Is the difficulty of finding accurate and reliable Information.

There Is the problem of source reliability and complete information. Health information that is not decisions concerning their health. The internet is pretty unregulated and programs have been introduced to improve the quality of internet based health information. This information needs to be complete and reliable and should be the single most criterion in health care decision-making. There is also part of our society that is vulnerable and may be the least able to benefit from this technology because of different barriers.

These include literacy, cultural differences, language barriers, access to technology and lack of education. We need to make a conscious effort to focus on these barriers so we can meet the needs of this part of society. The electronic health industry will transform health care in America as technology continues to improve. Providers will be able to use automated systems to verify eligibility from insurance carriers and process those claims. Patients will have better access to their medical records for condition specific information from their Hessians.

Employers can even sponsor disease management and wellness programs for employees. Nursing support is vital to the development and operation of electronic health plans. Nurses are coordinators of health care services, and act as patient advocates and resource sponsors. Nurses are important in the delivery of high quality and cost efficient health services. Nurse leadership needs to understand the technical qualities of health information technology and the clinical know-wows of electronic health within the health care system.