One piece of technology I can’t live without - Essay Example

In today’s modern day and age, we are accompanied daily by little electronic gadgets. They provide us with entertainment, or as a means of communication with the rest of the world. I own a Samsung Galaxy SO, and I know that if I were to lose or not have it one day, I would go ballistic! My phone keeps me in touch with everyone around me, not only that but, it stores a lot of my personal events and pictures, and not to mention the amount of money I paid for this expensive trinket was ridiculous!

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To begin am a very busy woman with a very busy schedule. I am a full time mother and student throughout the whole week, and I work at a salon on the weekends. My job consists of scheduling appointments, confirming appointments, and providing my clients with phone consultations. If I were to be phoniness, my appointments would be a disaster. Also, I receive a lot of phone calls all day from my family regarding my son. In addition, I could receive an Important phone call from my doctor or health reveries center regarding my checkups or lab work.

Not to mention, I couldn’t Imagine going through an emergency and not being able to reach anyone! Next my phone has internet service, so I use it to navigate with various applications like GAPS, look up phone numbers and businesses most of all I use it to check my email. I would literally be lost without it. For example, communication today is mostly done thru emails, conversation between teachers and students, important information you deed to know about your major.

You also can get great deals on coupons in your email which I love. There are many things you can receive in your inbox this is why I cannot live without my phone checking my email every day is very important to me. Finally phones nowadays have video cameras/cameras installed in them along with additional storage devices, planners and calendars. For instance, my phone is loaded with personal and professional pictures and videos from many years ago; they have a tot of sentimental value for me.

If I were to lose them I would be devastated, I would have no way of recovering them. Also, my calendars and planners are packed with important personal dates and professional appointments, those planners are the success to my structured working days filled with appointments. The contents Inside the phone are very personal and private. It consists of diary entries and personal journals about my life. In summary these are reason I cannot live without my cell phone.