Processing technology - Essay Example

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Ethnology management Dahl biding interdisciplinary yang mundane gains, engineering, Dan pentathlon tenting management assert printmaker. Prose innovation ethnology Dahl status perpetrating Keating yang complies Dan meaningful Keating bikinis. Determinants of Structure The environment: The quicker the environment changes, the more problems face managers. Structure must be more flexible when environmental change is rapid. Usually need to decentralized authority. Strategy: Different strategies require the use of different structures. A differentiation strategy needs a flexible structure, low cost may need a more formal structure.

Increased vertical integration or diversification also requires a more flexible structure. Technology: The combination of skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, computers and machines used in the organization. More complex technology makes it harder for managers to regulate the organization. Technology can be measured by: Task Variety: new problems a manager encounters. Task Inalienability: programmed solutions available to a manager to solve problems. High task variety and low inalienability present many unique problems to managers. Flexible structure works best in these conditions.

Low task variety and high inalienability allow managers to rely on established procedures. Technology & People Small Batch Technology: produces small quantities of one-of-a-kind products. Based on the skills of the workers who need a flexible structure. Mass Production Technology: automated machines make high volumes of standard products. Workers perform repetitive tasks so a formal structure works well. Continuous Process Technology: totally mechanized systems of automatic machines. Workers must watch for unexpected problems and react quickly. A flexible structure is needed here.