Progress in Technology - Essay Example

Progress is to advance or develop toward a better, more complete or more modern condition. This world is definitely progressing and at an alarming rate too. The world Is moving faster than ever in terms of technology. Every year kids are getting cell phones at a younger age. Computers continue to become smaller, smarter and faster. The phone has become a world renowned pocket computer. It continues to progress every day to the point where the phone becomes secondary to Its many other features. We can communicate through text message at a rate that 30 years ago loud have been unimaginable.

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Technological progress Is something that continues to develop with the world. From the steamboat, to the printing press, to the first computer, technology Is progress. However, It may not be the progress that this world needs. The world needs more leaders, people who can stand up for what’s right. Yet as technology progresses all we get Is more gamers, social media addicts, and people over-involved In a testing conversation. Although this country seems to be making steps towards progress we continue to digress.

Because of technology people are getting dumber, not smarter as a result. People no longer need to read the newspaper to find out the news, all they have to do is check their “news feed. ” The world is moving alarmingly fast and all we can do is change with it. People do not realize that if we do not stop to take a look around, we are going to miss the world. The world is moving so fast, people are adapting to it, but yet they do not see the true beauty of this world. Technology is great, up to a certain point. We need to slow down and change what really matters.