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Role of Science in Technology, Building the Future India - Essay Example

Building the Future India ay satiate Inventing a better future A strategy for building harpsichordist’s in science and technology January 2004 Intercalated Council IAC projects are funded individually by multiple sponsors, including interested foundations and international organizations. Administrative overhead is covered by special grants from the Netherlands government and the Royal Netherlands Academy Of Arts and Sciences, Participating academies not Only contribute time and ideas, but also funding for developing new projects and Other special activities.

The united Nations Secretary-General, Kopi Anna, has been a Strong supporter Of the IAC and its mission. When the IAC established in May 2000 he sent the following message: ‘I welcome your initiative to create an Intercalated Council for providing advisory studies and reports on issues of concern to the united Nations system and other international organizations’. Sound scientific knowledge is fundamental to addressing the critical issues – such as economic transformation and globalization; reduction of peccary. Anger, and disease; and the sustainable use of natural resources – facing the world today. The Intercalated Council (IAC) was created by national science academes to mobile the world’s best scientists tort pro. ‘idling expert knowledge and advice to international bodies, such as the United Nations and the World Sank. Charged with addressing these Issues. The IAC alms to complement, rather than duplicate, the advisory roles of other scientific institutions.

The IAC brings together the collective advisory’ expertise and experience of a truly worldwide group of national academies. Headquartered at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam, the IAC governing Board is composed of the Presidents of 15 cantonal academies of science and equivalent organizations representing Brazil, China, France, Germany. India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia. Mexico. Russia. South Africa, Sweden. The united Kingdom, and the united States. Lulus the Third World Academy of Sciences, Additional programmatic consultation is provided through the Intercalated Panel on International Issues. Representing over 90 national science academies As a nongovernmental organization. The IAC works on a project-by-project basis. When it receives a request to advise, the IAC assembles an international study panel to examine the issue at hand. Panel members serve On a voluntary basis and are selected solely for their expertise, Each study panel prepares a draft report Of its findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

This draft is subjected to an intensive process Of peer-review by experts in the field. When the IAC Board is satisfied that the study panel has adequately responded to this outside review, a final report is then released to the requesting organization and to the public. Every effort is made to ensure that IAC reports represent a scientific consensus across the globe, and are free from national or regional bias.