Technological innovation - Essay Example

Do you agree that technological innovation brings more disadvantages than benefits to the lives of ordinary citizens? In the organization of industrial life the influence of the factory upon the physiological and mental state of the workers has been completely neglected. Modern industry is based on the conception of the maximum production at lowest cost, in order that an individual or a group of individuals may earn as much money as possible. It has expanded without any idea of the true nature of the human beings who run the machines, and without giving any consideration to the effects produced on the individuals and on their descendants by the artificial mode of existence imposed by the factory.

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Human beings turn to be cold and detached and have been deprived of love by technology. On one hand, because of sitting at the computer for too long rather than communication, people become more distant from our families. An alarming research releases that children in Britain spent four and a half hours sitting in front of television and computer screen ( Febury 1st 2011, ), which result in parents’ complaining that their children are so secretive and never tell them anything.

On the other hand, technology has pushed the relationship of couples to a dangerous stage, even divorce.Terry Kirby, the chief reporter of The Independent pointed out that, modern methods of communication such as then internet and the huge amount of reunion websits make it much easier to keep contact with former friends and date with each other which has led to many affairs and finally divorces (September 1, 2004 ).

The development of technology destroy our sense of humanity. There are many examples which reveal the threats from the enhancement of technology. For instance, a trait-selected baby, whose eye and hair colour can be chosen by their parents. Although there are some arguments support this kind of service, their claims are still very conservative, such as Dr Steinberg said “I would not say this is a dangerous road. It’s an uncharted road.”

While others questioned that, if we think about humanity, is it still right to develop this kind of technology? the answer from Dr Gillian Lockwood is obviously no. She argued that it is not morally right to turn babies into goods and give the selection right to parents. ( , 2 March 2009). Meanwhile, such as “brain implants and the authorities using technology to read our minds and asks what this would do to ‘our self-conception as humans with agency, with the freedom to shape our own lives” which were mentioned by Neuroscientist Steven Rose, are also dangerous technology which may damage human being’s humanity. What’s more, scientist are trying to use technology to decide our own fates. But as Madeleine Bunting stated, ‘We must be prepared for the changes when they happen, as if technological development occurs of its own accord, there is no stop button available’ (Josie Appleton, Spiked Magazine,9 February 2006)

To conclude, The great cities have been built with no regard for us. The shape and dimensions of the skyscrapers depend entirely on the necessity of obtaining the maximum income per square foot of ground,and of offering to the tenants offices and apartments that please them. This caused the construction of gigantic buildings where too large masses of human beings are crowded together. Civilized men like such a way of living. While they enjoy the comfort and banal luxury of their dwelling, they do not realize that they are deprived of the necessities of life. The modern city consists of monstrous edifices and of dark, narrow streets full of petrol fumes and toxic gases, torn by the noise of the taxicabs, lorries and buses, and thronged ceaselessly by great crowds. Obviously, it has not been planned for the good of its inhabitants.