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Technology - Essay Example

Technology or Perish What is it that John Pierce wants us to understand about technology? What is it that connects “suffering” or “perishing” with technology of today? Though it could be true that technology has become man’s source of careers, education, knowledge, food clothes, appliances, etc. , and basically cash, is it enough to say that man will utterly “perish” once technology is eradicated? Yes, there are countless advantages that technology gives, especially convenience.

With Just a few clicks and verification processes, one can order food online, get none from his bank account, and buy a lot of available things on the internet. On the other hand, there are also downsides that man can consider. Porn is everywhere on the net and so many parents have complained about it and stated that they had to cut their connection because even their kids at 4 or 5 the youngest are becoming inclined to this addiction.

Security: so many services online are very much susceptible to hacking and thus results to Identity theft and security breach. Amanda Toddy’s suicide story Is a very huge buzz that lit up fires In the hearts of many. Though she did not have to do what she did, the person who leaked her stricture online where she flashed her upper body Is already enough to show man that choosing technology over morals can bring the worst nightmares.

During the first years since the world began, there was no technology Like what we have today. The Cave Man survived without the need for Bicentennial Man to help out. Thousands of years before Faceable was created, man was happy with the telegram and It worked fine. So logically, theoretically, and morally, It Is man’s choice whether he will put technology In his life In such a way that he can’t live without It, or “perish” without It. After all, man’s “will” came first before Google did.