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These technological advances have also given teachers the ability to facilitate teaching, learning and communication in their classrooms to help in this advancement for their children even in the face of diversities. Such standards are being introduced to students through the SITE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards. These standards are filled with the fundamental criteria so that teachers are not only introducing technology, but making children fluent in technology for learning purposes.

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Standards such as critical thinking, problem solving and decision asking with the help of technology are allowing children of all ages to experience a new way of identifying problems, gather information and be successful in that decision making process, (SITE, 2007) This requirement for students will ultimately help them achieve a level of understanding on how the use of technology can be used to develop new skills. Having the resources of different types of technology empowers students and teachers to grow in their learning ability.

That technology comes in many forms such as; computers with educational software, printers, camera’s and video conferencing equipment for students at a higher level, FM system genealogy for those with disabilities, (Chaff, 2013). According to the National Center for Education Statistics a recent study showed that teachers find that their computer stations are the most essential part of their classroom tools that help facilitate learning and communication, (2005). Although the technology that is available for student use is vast there are issues about the integration of some forms of technology in the classrooms.

Many teachers are supplementing the use of technology in their classrooms with the standards that are set in place by the SITE so that children are exposed to new resources for learning. The incorporation of technology has made the possibilities for each student grow significantly with the use of the computers for communication capabilities, exploring new math concepts and discover outside resources that help the child express themselves as individuals and in turn expedites the learning process for many, (Sutherland, Robertson & John, 2004).

Integrating technology requirements into the classroom is now more common place, but teachers are weary of introducing specific forms of technology due to the fact that the technology may not be age appropriate for their classrooms. Careful inconsideration must be taken when introducing new forms of learning to children and the use of technology, (Hector & Permeate, 2013). Third grade students do not require the same form of technology that a student in grade twelve would.

A third grade teacher might incorporate or require the use of computers that provide reading comprehension programs, using a mouse or online encyclopedia to help master skills for reading, writing, math and science (Greatcoats, n. D. ). Teachers may also allow students to use a social media of some form to develop communication skills with other students or peers. A more difficult form of genealogy that may be required by students of this age is the use of a computer key board.

Students of this age are still developing hand eye coordination and may find this task difficult and give up on the use of it and become frustrated completely with using technology in any form. Although these forms of technology are useful, there may be drawbacks of overexposure to some forms of technology such as social media for communication. Isolation is a possible side effect of children spending too much time dependent on technology and may interfere with their capabilities of forming bonds or a decrease in human contact, (Hatch, 2011).

The standards for student’s introduction to new tools for learning are important, but the standard for the teacher to have the ability to nurture the child’s real life relationships must coincide with the use of this technology for learning and perhaps be used together to build skills for children to carry with them as they grow in their knowledge of technology.

These standards of teaching with the use of technology are crucial in the classroom environment and must be cultivated and established to not only help facilitate learning, teaching and communication, but also allow these children the opportunity o ripen skills that will continue to be successful tools for them in the long run. As most children are already avid users of technology, the standards will help to guide them in making decisions using skills developed by these standards.