Technology in sport - Essay Example

In order to assist the researchers at the lab you have been asked to demonstrate your knowledge on sports technology. You need to demonstrate your knowledge on how technology is used in sport and how It has enhanced various aspects of the sport. You should consider how technology has enhanced performance, game play and spectators. Your task is to demonstrate your knowledge of how technology is used to enhance various aspects of sport.

The following should be included – how has technology enhanced: Performance including -fitness testing -training aids -equipment; clothing and footwear -Injury prevention and recovery Game play including: -hawk eye, hot spot, goal line technology -radio -stasis Spectators including: -officials -commentary; television, radio The evidence for this task should be provided in the form of a written report or search notes. Learners might like to focus on one particular sport in detail. However they will probably need to include additional information including a wider range of sports in order to fulfill the marking criteria.

Performance Fitness testing – technology is used to test fitness, for example a heart monitor this means that before a football match you can check a players fitness levels so you know if they are fit enough to play a competitive match for example. If the heart monitor shows that there heart rate is too high you know that they need to work on their tiniest levels to ensure that they have a better performance because their cardiovascular endurance is better so they will be able to maintain optimum performance for the maximum amount of time.

Also if you know an accurate reading of your cardiovascular endurance this means you can do specific training such as continuous training, once your fitness levels have improved this means that you will be able to score the winner in the last minute for example. Another piece of technology that helps fitness testing is the body fat monitors, this pinches your skin to see how much fat you have this is much better than the IBM test cause it actually tells you if you need to lose weight or put on weight for example the IBM test may say your overweight however you’re not because muscle weighs more than fat.

This technology could enhance performance because if you are over or under weight you will be able to set yourself a balanced healthy diet therefore you will be a healthy weight and be as fit as you can which will increase your performance for the game as if you are underweight you probably won’t have as much energy as you would be have if you are a healthy weight.

Training aids – technology can help enhance performance through training aids for example in golf there are simulators such as: trainman, flight scope and egg this tells you things such as shaft lean, club head speed, club head angle through impact, spin rate, carry distance, impact location and total distance.

This is all extremely accurate therefore you know exactly what you need to improve for example if you hit 10 shots and they all are coming out of the toe you then know that you need to stand a little closer to the ball probably, this will enhance performance because hitting the ball you consistency therefore you will be able to shoot better scores in a competition. Technology also helps performance through training aids for example video analysis in golf you can record your swing and visually see in super slow motion what path you club head is on and if you release the club to early and don’t maintain your angles.

Also recording can help you see if you are doing something as simply as over swinging therefore you can see this and then try and eradicate this error then you can video yourself again to see if you have stopped that error. By being able to see your swing you will get a better technique as you can compare it to professional lovers and with a better technique you are more likely to shoot a better score in a competition as it will be more consistent. Equipment, clothing footwear – technology in sport can enhance performance through the equipment and clothing and footwear.

For example in football if you compare modern football boots to what they used to be like there is a massive difference mainly being the weight of them. Now a days boots are a lot lighter such as the new Nikkei mastitis that have come out compared to some Nikkei boots 10 years ago. With the boots being lighter it allows you o run faster which gives you the best chance of beating your opponent to the ball this means your performance will be better and you will win more balls and be able to run around defenders and score a goal giving your team the best chance in winning.

Another nit of technology that will improve performance are golf clubs. For example the drivers have advanced so much over the years for example they are made out of hollowed titanium instead of wood this means that there is an increase of club head speed which means more distance which can increase your performance, also the club heads are bigger on the driver this means that there is a egger sweet spot compared to what it used to be like this means on off centre strike there is a lot more forgiveness compared to what there used to be this means that technology does enhance performance.

Injury prevention, Recovery – technology in sport also can help prevent injury in sport. For example in football you wear goalkeeper gloves when you are playing in net therefore you wont pull your hands away because you are scared of the ball stinging your hand or breaking your finger this means that if you wear goalkeeper gloves you will be mentally prepared to save a shot that comes at you.

With being mentally prepared it gives you the best possible chance of saving the ball therefore you will concede less goals ensuring you maintain optimum performance which will give you the best chance of winning the game. Another way technology can help recovery in sport are x-rays.