Technology in the future - Essay Example

Every year, every month and every day new technology is invented as we speak it is in the making, here are some concepts that may overtake technology in the future of 2023 and reshape our lives forever. Have you ever wanted to be smarter and less forgetful about things well In 2023, Mind controlled wearable and implanted technology will be at your service… By now, it’s becoming possible to replicate small areas of the brain. In order to repair damage from Alchemist’s, stroke and lost memories.

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Electrode arrays are first used to record the activity of healthy brain tissue. The unique patterns responsible for creating memories are found and stored by a computer; the activity in healthy areas can be replicated by stimulating certain brain cells. These devices can mimic the electrochemical signals from different parts in your brain. As speaking in the future, Experiments were initially conducted on rodents, then monkeys, before moving to human volunteers in 2015. After eight years of clinical studies, the process can now be safely performed in hospitals.

Nevertheless, this new treatment is a significant step forward In understanding the brain. While we still can’t cure the common cold, custom-made organs are Just around the corner. A company called Organ has developed the first commercial 3-D blob printer that builds custom organs cell-by-cell. Each individual cell is based upon sample cells from the body of the customer. Organ reports that veins and arteries will be available in 5 years, and more complex organs like hearts and livers in 10 years.

On a more general note, nanotechnology is revolutionize the health world. The awesome combination of an improved understanding how DNA works and the ability o create very small cell parts, is painting a very bright future for medicine. Nanotechnology is the science that involves anything on the Anna scale. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter; It’s like comparing a marble to the size of the Earth. However the nanotechnology of 2023 offers a very deferent futureћ.

As you know software can be programmed to react In certain ways, when particular conditions present themselves but other alternatives are that the matter can be ‘remote-controlled’, being guided by a professional and operating without breaking the skin’s surface. There have been a number of recent studies that offer amazing examples of how this will become the norm in medical nanotechnology. While the medical benefits of nanotechnology are clear, there is a significant argument around whether it will ever be accepted into our society, but by 2023 they will definitely have some role to play in medicine.

Nanotechnology in Clothing- Anna-fibers will make garments tremendously more comfortable and durable. By this process the products can be made more attractive and strong. Fiber-based Anna-generators will build up electrical energy In clothing room physical movement, ultrasonic waves and our blood flow. If we can combine many of these fibers In double or triple layers In clothing, we could provide a flexible, foldable and wearable power source that, for example, would allow people to Extremely (water-resistant) Anna-filaments allow for completely waterproof clothing.

It can be submerged in water for two months and still remain dry to the touch. “The water comes to rest on the top of the Anna-filaments like a bubble sitting on a bed of nails. Nanotechnology can be used for loads of different things in many different industries. That’s why nanotechnology is such a marvelous thing: It’s not limited to one thing or even to a small group of things; it can be used for many different things in any field you can think of from food preservation to forensics.

Whilst wearable tech is all the rage even in 2013, by 2023 it has advanced so much that we are now able to track our daily lives as well as our health from tiny devices, most likely placed within our bodies. Integrated health monitoring will provide the answers. Current technology is already fitting into a pocket or wristband but the eatery life that goes alongside it, still only gives a maximum of a weeks output. By 2023 battery advances will be at a level where monitoring devices have the ability to last months, or even years on a single charge!!! Meaning body connected products could run for extended periods without any need to charge. Whether inserting technology into bodies, or having things surgically attached is a good idea remains to be seen, body monitoring may be built into devices we already use. By 2023 the mobile phone of the future will most likely have health tracking and even biometric encores built directly into the devices. Health data and personal monitoring will definitely be a big part of 2023! 2023 will be booming with incredible skyscrapers and unbelievable buildings… Society will have changed how we live and what we live in. For example the Revolving Tower in Dubbed which is expected to happen in 2023. While Dubbed is currently known for its ridiculous extravagance, developers in the region are building a tower that has extremely practical applications. This beautiful building is going to be made of 59 independently rotating modules/floors so that people will have a constantly shifting IEEE of the outside world. The independent rotations will also give the building an ever-changing exterior that can warp into very complex designs.

All of that stuff is great and all, but the real innovation comes from the wind turbines built in between each floor, resulting in pollution-free energy which will be enough to power the tower and several buildings in the surrounding area. Not only will architecture recreate cityscapes but change the way we live and use our daily lives. You’ve Just popped out of the shower and next thing your towel has gone missing!!! Isn’t that Just so annoying, well in 2023 towels will become a thing of the Past, thanks to the Tyson Air shower.

The Tyson Air Shower is first of its kind that transforms into a heat dryer from a shower head. So, once you rinse off using the water, you can use the hot air from the Tyson Air Shower to dry yourself quickly and prevent the water from accumulating on the floor. Towels may forever become a thing of the past if the Air Shower goes from concept to reality soon. Information, social networking, GAPS driving guides and entertainment and this is set to continue. What these devices look like is anyone’s guess… Let’s see what new wonders in the field of smartness developers and experts have predicted.

Phones in the form of a wristwatch in the near future promises to be a very popular segment of the mobile market, many gadget makers are now showing genuine interest to them. The concept of a futuristic smartened is powerful with an elastic body and flexible -display. Most modern smartness are designed only to increase productivity. Phones will be so diverse examples include a paper flattened phone as shown in the image above, it’s Just a prototype but developers say it is possible in 2023. In general, the idea is very interesting and innovative concept.

Developers believe that smart phones with variable shapes will hit the market over the next ten years… The touch screen seemed to be something beyond science fiction, but now who will be surprised by this? A glass smartened- A large number of new products are associated with the use of glass such as a fully transparent screen or keyboard. It is not your usual glass, its special. This concept has been predicted to come out in 10 years’ time. If flexible and transparent screens are the future of smartness imagine what will happen to there technological devices.

Technology is a great thing, but it can also cause a disconnection between ourselves and the people in our lives. It’s limitless on how far technology can go. Technology changes every day, developers create new things continuously and rapidly. Technology is limitless, in the beginning technology was used to help us with the basic things in life but now as we speak it is globally changing lives. How much are we going to rely on technology, it is evolving fast and so are we, will technology take over man? We guess you’ll Just have to wait and see!