Technology In The Work Force - Essay Example

In the work force Is often sometimes scary to think about. Currently when trying to get old of a customer service representative with most companies It Is a struggle trying to get through to a live person. It Is common now to get stuck with a recording along with a long hassle with the recording trying to understand what is being said or pressed and this often leaves the person calling in frustration. The prediction in the future work force especially in technology has a lot to do with this.

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It s predicted that in 2025 people will be able to rent minute to minute services through a cloud, while this does offer opportunities with less travel and carbon footprint it also puts a gap in between direct person contact. Technology offers more people from the world to be able to communicate. It always people who didn’t always get to have a say in something that chance to voice their opinion miles away from the actual event which Is a bonus to most people. Technology Like email and new advances with Peacetime or Keep also allow people to communicate efficiently thou ever having to leave there homes.

Another prediction Is that globalization will raise the standards for education, which this will be helpful for the people who have continued their education and allow them to have better opportunities in the work force against people who have only gotten so far in school. Social trends are another huge impact for the future in the work force due to people being able to advertise what their product is and why it may be better then others. This in my opinion is a great way for companies to get ahead of others because it allows the word of mouth o get around.

I personally would much rather go with a company that a friend or family member has went with before in hopes of getting the same experience with the company as they did. There are many different areas In the future that are important and the four that seem most Important right now are authentic and transport leadership, diverse and valuable executive networks, focusing on global and community Issues, and deep executive collaboration. As an CBS student I am hopeful that technology will not be able to disrupt my line of work to much.

I think the most important thing that technology will do is improve and be more helpful. The route I am planning to take is to help children and families with communication and family values. It is important to be a role in the families life and I think myself anyways would help more with face to face contact which is something that computers and technology can only go so far with. Yes I agree it will change it but hopefully in a good way. Many of the courses an CBS student has to take determines on which bracket they are trying to work towards.

Currently I am irking towards family and society which has put me on a path to take a lot of family course related to marriage or child development. Other major courses have Included race and cultural backgrounds of families and different societies. I think the work force even In the future are going to need people that understand others and what they have gone through to get to where they are. I understand the work force in the cell phones, but I am hoping when it comes to the career path I have chosen that people will still more comfortable with talking it out with a live individual.