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Technology Insight Report: Gallium Nitride - Essay Example

Gallium Nitride (Gang) transistor models have evolved from Gas (gallium arsenide) transistor models; however there are many advantages Gang offers: Higher operating voltage (over 100-V breakdown) Higher operating temperature (over 1 ICC channel temperature) Higher power density (5 to 30 W/mm) Durable and crack-resistant material Gang devices are often grown on SIC (silicon carbide) substrates, but to achieve lower- cost Gang devices, they can be grown on sapphire and silicon wafers. Gang’s wide banding allows for higher breakdown voltages and operation at high temperatures.

The high thermal conductivity of Sic makes it a better substrate than silicon for power amplifier applications that require good heat sinking. It is very hard, mechanically stable wide banding semiconductor material with high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. In its pure form it resists cracking and can be deposited in thin film on sapphire or silicon carbide, despite the mismatch in their lattice constants. Gang can be doped with silicon (Is) or with oxygen to n-type and with magnesium (MGM) to p-type; however, the Is and MGM atoms change the way the Gang rascals grow, introducing tensile stresses and making them brittle.

Gallium nitride compounds also tend to have a high spatial defect frequency, on the order of a hundred million to ten billion defects per square centimeter. This report covers: 0 Overview of top companies involved in applications of gallium nitride and their publication trend 0 Focus on crystal structures, applications and physical properties of gallium nitride.