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Technology is not a curse - Essay Example

Technology, according to on-line dictionary, is the making, modification, usage and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems and methods of organization in order to solve scientific problems. In other words, it is the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to solve practical problems: problems Like health Issues, education, agriculture, transport and communication, housing or shelter and crime Investigation.

Anti – technology activists have many points against technology and Its advancement. Their major points can be summarized. Technology Is In opposition to nature: It Is produced at the expense of nature because It destroys the ecological habitats. Its steel Is mined from the earth; Its lumber Is taken by cutting down forests; Its rare metal Is dug from the ground; Its plastic Is sucked from OLL and then burnt Into the air. Its factories pollute all over the place.

This destruction of natural habitat Is capable of extinguishing species. If education is about knowledge and intellectual skills, then information technology lies at the heart of it all. The Internet permits free video conferencing which makes it Seibel for a school to interact in real time with sister schools in other countries. A vital skill in the new digital world is the ability to work collaboratively on projects with others who may not be physically close.

This can best be done using modern computer tools such as the web, email, instant messaging and cell phones. Organ transplant – scientists can now develop and build artificial organs for transplant surgery. Patients who have heart and kidney problems no longer have to depend on donors for organs because genetic engineering has made this available and easier for transplant to save lives. Artificial arms and limbs are produced to help amputees. I will take a glance at posterior, a South African athlete who had both legs amputated.

Due to advance technology, artificial legs were made for him and now he is the same good athlete as before. Technology has enabled scientists to redesign the human body and make it to function more efficiently. Technology has improved our health sector. In the past, patients suffering from certain ailments such as tuberculosis, small pox and chicken pox, were left to die in the bush. Today, no such thing is happening because of advance medicine.