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Technology Roadmap Tpl - Essay Example

Scope could define model embers and versions; boundaries of the system, especially where there are interfaces with related systems; boundaries in relation to the system’s environment; or boundaries of content in relation to other system development documents. Any assumptions made when preparing the document should be stated here. [Typically two or more paragraphs] 1. 3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations This subsection should provide the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properly interpret the Technology Roadman. These must be complete and thorough.

Check the document for completeness of this section after its content has been finalized. 1. 4 References Identify the sources of information/reference materials that were used to prepare this document. References must be complete so that the reader can readily trace them. At minimum, each reference document should be identified by title, report number, date and publishing organization. Professional documents do not usually require a Journal-standard referencing style, but it is good practice to use an accepted standard such as the Harvard referencing style.

References will include elated project documents, business (internal) documents, documents from external sources and internet references. 1. 5 Overview This subsection should describe what the rest of the Technology Roadman contains and explain how the document is organized. It should be cognizant of the intended readership of the document who may not be technical people. [1 – 3 paragraphs] 2. Industry Context 2. 1 Current Industry Describe its products, customers, major supply chain companies and (if applicable) competitive advantages and/or disadvantages, especially in relation to new technologies.