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Technology Simplifies Morden Life - Essay Example

This essay will argue against the notion or statement that technology simplifies modern life. The subsequent paragraphs will outline the negative impacts technology has had on life. Technology has modern life hard to bear and has endangered life in many in many instances.

For instance The Cuba missile crisis of ass’s is testament to this, where the United States of America and Russia threatened a nuclear war that would be a great calamity for the whole world in fact the threat was great that it was hat it was calculated that it would annihilate the whole world; however, the war didn’t happen because of the dealings and successful peace talks between the U. S and Russia.

Secondly, technology complicates life in the sense that more and more people die at the barrel of the gun whether through war, individual cases where someone was getting mugged and instances where someone caught a stray bullet. The latter usually happens at the hands of the police who happened to have a gun fire with a suspected criminal in a public atmosphere whereby someone innocent bystander got shot.

Thirdly, technology has modern life hard to live in the sense that there is a high mortality rate with regards to car accidents and even measures are put to try and prevent deaths on the road, measures like not drinking and driving, obeying the speed limit and putting your seat belt on, there Is always one Individual who doesn’t comply to any of those rules who in turn puts everyone’s life at risk and who be the likely cause off car accident. Finally, technology makes modern life hard to bear because of greenhouse emissions that are mainly produced by factories.

These chemicals poisonous have Impacted badly on our fauna because they are discarded In the river In part and therefore kill our fauna and their also discarded In the air as greenhouse emissions which have Impacted badly on our atmosphere in the sense that we now experience Irregular weather patterns what Is known as global warming. In retrospect, one have attempted to specify why one against the motion that technology simplifies modern life, and In one’s defense one has touched bases on guns and war which the result of technology more or less, car accidents and global warming.