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Teenage and Technology - Essay Example

The age of science and technology has arrived. Well, can you Imagine a teenage life without computers, palm size computers, web-enable cell phones and much more? Certainly not! Take for instance the computer. Sitting in front of your computer, there tons of things can be done such as faxing documents, web surfing, e-mailing friends, playing games, projects and etc. This view shows that we as a teenager are lucky to be living In this age. Computers. Certainly Is a source of recreation for students to spend their time fruitfully. Exciting computer games that challenge their mind help to develop alertness among teens.

They can also relax while listening to music or watch a movie on the computer. Other than source of recreation, Internet has a wealth of Information awaiting resourceful teenagers. The students can dig on to the mosses of Information and screen them through for their personal research purpose. In condition, there are chat rooms that facilitate e-forums on literary issues. Hence, teenage can post their questions. Some teenagers most likely think that studying Is really stressful. It Is because heir parents who want them to get good results in their examination, pressure them.

Their parent that is highly educated wants their children to be as good as them, which possibly cause them to feel stressed out and scared while facing the examination. Furthermore, teenagers are pack with satellites’ whether It Is In school or out door satellites. In this modern era, the ministries of education announce that co-curriculum is as well important to the academics. Sol Teenagers have to be involved with co- curriculum activities’ and also studies. Teenagers have to divide their time equally, for school homework, curriculums, tuition and etc. Maybe some teen managed their time properly, but some maybe not.

The question Is, does teenagers enjoyed with all these, or feeling stressed out? Teenager tends to feel depressed, when they don’t get good result in their examination. Especially students that have good grade’s all the time, but when result drops, they tent to lose their minds and may cause suicide due to pressure and UN- acceptance. But not all of them are like that, some knows how to deal with in and Improve their studies. Hey! Stop saying studies is boring. There are tips that we can learn to enjoy tidies without stressing out. For instance, work together! Working together is fun, and useful too.

Example, get together in-group and discuss about studies. It is much better working together and sharing useful information that some of you might not know. Besides that, take some advantages and make a proper timetable so you can manage your time properly without rushing trough things. Little things like this would help you succeed in Just a blink of an eye. “Work hard at first, Enjoy later”. Family is where the heart is! Teenager is the age that really needs attention from parents. Teenager has lots of emotion going on, so parent plays a role for being there with their child.

Teens usually need a talk, when parents are busy earning money to build up the family, they haven’t have much time for their child. In conclusion, teens find a way to talk about their problem to other people such as boyfriend or girlfriend, friends and such. These may leads to unhealthy social life. Teens without proper guidance may cause them to involve in impropriety activities, such as vandalism, free mixing, bullying and others. Without guidance from parent, teens with complete freedom, effects their studies, and this will distress the child’s education. Causes? Teens seem to be further apart from their family.

Avoid from happening! Hey get close to your parents and share your problem with them. Parents has lots of experience, so they know more and probably help you out! Parents, take a little time and spend with your child!