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The advancement of technology has changed the way individuals interact on a personal, educational and on a business level that can be viewed as a positive or a negative gain. L. The advancement of technology has an affect on a personal level of interaction. A. Technology has a great deal of positive ways to strengthen personal relationships. 1 . The advantage that technology creates for individuals makes a better way to communicate with friends and family. 2. The internet has a good advantage for an inspired individual with a good idea and wants to spread the word. . Having access to social sites, smart phones, laptops and Pads makes communication and organization easier. B. The progress of technology also has many disadvantages. 1 . One disadvantage technology creates is the decrease of ability to interact with others in person. 2. Technology has created heavy users that mainly rely on technology too much. 3. It may be true that heavy social network users may affect the ability to form a healthy relationship. II. Technology has created a new way for learning In the classroom. A.

Technology has created a new way for students and teachers to access information. 1 . Students and teachers TLD have to write or remember everything because with the useful tools like books and computers to re-access to the Information. 2. Computers allow people to have a chance to still have a learning experience from home. 3. Computers and the internet make it easier for students to do research with out having to the library. B. The advancing technology in the school environment may not be an advantage to those who are not so computer literate. 1 .

Everybody may not have access to a computer of their own. 2. Writing things down and going to the library may be a good way of effectively learning instead of using a computer. . To further or get higher learning being computer literate is required for graduation. A. Technology for businesses and in the work place can be a good advantage. 1 . It’s a great advantage to be knowledgeable of computers and how they work can be helpful to do well in a professional career. 2. Social sites, smart phones, websites, television, and radio help businesses reach large audiences. 3.

Advertisements through internet ads and social sites can help business earn money. B. There are some down falls about technology being use so much in the business world. 1 . Since technology is being used so much that scientific and technical understanding is decreasing. 2. Another disadvantage that technology creates for business can get misrepresented by employees and employers through social sites. Tamari Reed P. Patterson Eng. 102- EACH 11/12/12 Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Advancing Technology The advancement of technology is very important to our world as we know it.

Technology has a way of having an effect on social viewpoints in many angles. Having the privilege of technology has good and bad effects but allows the way of the world to branch out and upgrade communication as we know it. By allowing allows for clarity in what is an advantage or concerns. The Advancement of technology changes the way individuals interact personally, in an educational sense, and in the business world as well. Imagine how far man kind can learn and discover new ways for communication through technology. We have come this far as to understanding what was needed to make things easier for us.

Technology has seemed to make changes for individuals with close relationships. Technologies also seem to affect the learning experience as well. The business world has taken a spin for technology also. Technology has seemed to interfere with these three viewpoints in both good and bad ways. With technology advancing in the way it is, personal communication developed many advantages. The advantages that technology created was a better and faster way to communicate with friends and family. According to Social Networking/Web 2. ‘s article dealing with issues and controversies pointed out that being able to reach out to friends and family is easier because of social sites and social communications devices (1). For example social sites like Backbone, Twitter, and Mainstream are popular social sites that make it easy to keep in touch with friends and family from all over the world. These social sites re web page links to others to help stay in touch through the internet. To keep in touch with friends and family on these social sites is as easy as a click off button or inbox rewets away from getting the message to loved ones.

Another advantage that technology has created was a good way to show the mass rage of people the ideas of an individual that wants to better themselves stated by Social Networking Web 2. G’s article dealing with issues and controversies (1). An example for this kind of advantage is using social sites as a personal free way to advertise personal talents and ideas. For example, by having a very good talent for doing hair or nails or even having a creative mind for designing clothes can be a useful tool to getting one’s talent seen by others.

This is a free way for getting one’s ideas out for the world to see. Also having access to social sites and many other media devices makes it easier to communicate and to be more organized. Given the progress of technology and its pros for personal life, it also created cons or concerns with upraise of what technology brings. One disadvantage technology creates is the decrease of ability to interact in person and not over a social site, email, or text message pointed out by Social Networking/Web 2. ‘s article dealing with issues and controversies (1). Such strong use of technology can allow others to feel uncomfortable having a one on one conversation. To communicate through technology on a constant basis can also decrease good people skills and really good communication skills. Social Networking/Web 2. G’s article dealing with issues and controversies also reveal that by people being so heavily relying on “computers and mobile devices” … “Will become less adept at forming healthy relationships” (1).

Since technology has affected many ways of personal immunization, it also has changed the way of leaning in the classroom. Technology has created a new way of learning for both the student and teachers to benefit. It has made it easier to access information. Others like Zane Berger, Director of the Center Collins doctoral students “didn’t have to write or remember everything… Students could use books” (1). Just as simple as typing the source that is needed into a link to the library, the same information from a link on the internet can be accessed instead of going too library.

Having access to the library information through a computer can save on time. Bringing the information from the library and other sources to the comfort of one’s mobile device, laptop, or even desktop is the best benefit not Just for students and teachers but Just for everybody in general. The ability of having library information at one’s figure tips can be a very good advantage for reaching information faster and better. Having the accessibility of being able to access information through any computer or mobile device can benefit students and teachers.

This can be a benefit because if a student or teacher has a busy work schedule for the week, it can be hard to find mime to make a way to get to the library to gather information when it is needed. If library sources and data bases can be accessed through any personal computer or mobile devices, then research can be accomplished in a more convenient way. Making information more convenient helps research and access to information needed faster to get to. Links to any information that can be found ATA library is also a good benefit because the sources are credible sources that are trusted and proven.

Zane Berger and Maori Collins in Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom in Distance learning of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine also states that “radio, television and increasing computers” became accessed in learning as well (1). In some, classroom teachers use different media sources to help aid a lesson plan that can help students learn in a visual or auditory way. For example, teachers may show a video or play a song that goes along with the points that are needed for the students to understand.

The most popular visual aid that is used for this purpose is power point to help viewers to see an outlook on what the speaker is talking about and helps them to follow along well. Another good SE of media teachers use to help the communication between the students and teachers easier is using “blobs for knowledge-sharing in schools” according to Maniac Clammiest the Author of Cyber Socializing Was Pointing Out the Advantage That Henry Jenkins, Comparative Media Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2). The use of technology has brought some good ways to communicate different things with learning in the classroom.

Although a lot of good ways to communicate and learning tools were created by using technology in the classroom, some may argue that advancing technology in a school environment may not be such an advantage after all. Some may point out that everybody may not be as computer literate as others. Some may not know how to operate a computer or mobile device because they don’t use them in everyday life. Another reason for not having computer literate skills can come from some of the older generation that is used to the old ways of learning that Jumping into using technology may frustrate them and make them stray away from technology altogether.

Everybody may not feel comfortable relying on technology to get their work done, communicating to others, or Just operating different devices in general. Educational sense, but it also affects and changes the way the business world operates as well. The advantage of growing technology has allowed business to benefit from the new wave on how to communicate. It’s a great benefit to be knowledgeable of computers and how they work in a professional career because in a lot of Jobs computers are used to get the Job done.

Computers are also the main tool of a professional work place setting. Being able to have some knowledge of how to work a computer and some computer programs helps to be qualified for certain jobs as well. Having the ability to operate computer programs also can benefit moving up or trying to advance in a profession. Another good benefit that technology brings to the work place is that social sites, APS, and radio stations help business reach a large audience to get their name and message out to whom they want to hear it.

Social sites like Backbone, Twitter, Namespace, and Mainstream have accessed to a worldwide audience because social site are very popular and can be access by a global range of users. Social site is an easy way to get advertisement around the world in Just a click of a mouse to update a status or two. Something as simple as Just making a business page that can gain likes or rewets to get the knowledge of the company and its purpose to be noticed even faster than Just putting on a five minute commercial.

As there are many good perks to having technology reliance in the business world there are also downfalls about technology that comes along with it, too. According to Phillip M. Beefy of the New York Times, in Age of Technology, The Three Or’s Are Not Enough points out that “Foundation, government agencies, and professional societies have all point to an alarming decline in scientific and technical competence among he general public” from technical reasons (1). Many people are so dependent on what technology can do that they don’t try to keep the skill themselves because computers can now get certain things done.

Some people may feel there isn’t a need to keep or practice certain skills when if something needs to be done or calculated, then that’s what technology was made for. For example, when doing math and finding out big calculations, a scientific calculator can be used to make these calculations. Also, there are specialized computers that have an exact function for asking large calculations, so that man doesn’t have to maintain that skill. Technology has advanced so that it makes it easier to get things done or communicate things, but if something was to go wrong with computers or modern technology, those skills still need to be practiced.

Technology can BEA good advantage but not if it allows the main essential skills to life to be forgotten. Another disadvantage that technology has created for the business world is the misuse of social sites and networking. Social sites can be misused by employers because some companies look at personal things such as Backbone pages to make a IANAL decision on if one is qualified for the position. Some companies feel that it is important to look at personal sites, blobs, and anything else that is tied to the person looking for a Job.

This kind of detective work employers may do when looking at personal social sites gives them a first impression. If there are inappropriate things on those social sites, then that would not be someone they want to represent the company. Watch what you post on the internet because it can be used against you. Technology. Technology has allowed many different ways to communicate but also has created many concerns. Technology has also built many good tools to communicate on a more personal level as well as caused problems with communication on a face-to-face basis.

Many pros and cons have surfaced for in and out of the classroom learning experience. The business world has also changed its way of functioning with the uprising of technology as well. Technology on the business side had created some good advantages as well as downfalls. There are both good and bad issues that come along with everything. We are Just lucky we can recognize what is a good thing and what can use a better way to do things. Technology has made way for better communications in the personal life, classrooms and in the business world.

There is always room for more advancement and more error.