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The Disruptive Technology - Essay Example

Disruptive technology Is any new thing, or Innovative that helps produces a fresh market, causing disruption in an existing market. Disruptive technology Is something that shakes up the current situation or trend in the industry. Disruptive technology can cause a shift of leadership in the industry. An example of disruptive technology would be the Google Glass. With the Google Glass, consumers were able to communicate with the Internet Vela natural language voice commands.

The principles behind disruptive technology are determine whether the technology is disruptive or sustaining, define the strategic significance, locate the initial market and keep the disruptive organization independent. The first principle is to inspect internal differences over developing new products or technologies; disagreements between marketing, financial, and technical personnel usually signify an opportunity that should be explored. The next principle would be to observe the strategic significance by asking the right people the right questions.

Then, locate the initial market, determining the market for the technology-who would be the targeted audience? The 4th principle would be to place responsibility for building a disruptive technology, creating small teams distant from mainstream organizations. The last principle would be to keep the disruptive organization independent to focus dominating emergence markets. Technology can be determined as disruptive when It Introduces a product that Is very different from mainstream products that are currently in the industry. Companies have been equipped with the method to spot and foster disruptive technologies.

With the success of a disruptive technology, consumers will embrace the “creative destruction”. It Is considered a “creative destruction” because with the creature aspect It brings something fresh Into the Industry. It Is considered destruction, because it shakes up the current trends in the industry and possibly forces a new leader. The mall features of Nineteen’s disruptive strategies were the Introduction of WI Flt and WI Ware. With the WI Fit, It allowed Nintendo to potentially have a chance of capturing another cluster of non-gamers.

It combined health and entertainment together with activities yoga and strength training. With recommendations from doctors and therapists, the WI made a tremendous impact on the health field and got families healthy and exercising together. With the WI Ware, It permitted independent software producers to upload games into the WI marketplace for WI users to download and possibly determine the next big thing in the gaming industry. Good management can still lead to failure because managers tend to ignore cosmologies that don’t Initially meet the needs of the mainstream needs.

By doing so, managers tend to narrow their chances of developing disrupting technology. Normally, the leader in the industry was the company that, “introduced a wider array of games with high-quality graphics and increasingly complex gamely”. Unlike Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft kept their consoles priced at what many would consider expensive.