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The Downsides of Technology - Essay Example

Although, they both fail to mention that technology Is not the reason for lack of education, communication, and expression of our own Ideas but that it Is the user who abuses the amount of technology used. Technology has been useful in many ways and has only improved society through resources of communication and information regardless of those ho use technology in negative ways.

Samuel G. Freedman tells a short story in his essay about Professor All Minimize and the bold show he put on for his students. Minimize hires an actor to pretend to be one of his students. In the middle of class the actor’s cell phone rang and Professor Minimize asked to see his phone, the actor handed him the phone, then Professor Minimize set it in his suit case, grabbed a hammer, and smashed the phone. By doing this he made a clear point to the rest of the class that he would not tolerate cellular castrations in his class room.

Freedman explains that he considers Professor Minimize a hero for showing how serious he takes education, as should we all. Academia is fighting a losing war against technology, whether It may be a short cut to quickly retrieve Information, or a simple distraction keeping student’s attention from the education they should be getting. It would be hard for anyone to disagree with Freedman’s opinion in his essay. No matter how much teenagers will argue that cell phones are not a distraction in class, they always will be.

Education is the foundation of society and it is very important that we all receive it but It Is not easy for a teacher to educate the students to their full ability If they do not give their full attention or effort. The lazy ways of “copy and paste” have been addressed by a simple scan of the Internet, although, that does not solve the issue of students going to Google and looking for the quickest answer. Technology is a large distraction causing student to put a smaller amount of effort into work which has affected the amount of education that a student will receive.

It is important for teachers in high school to inform their students how much damage is caused by an excessive use of technology. Technology is a great resource for researching and can be very helpful In education but the students must not take advantage of this recourse. Maggie Jackson makes it very clear in her essay that she believes the rise in technology is comparable to the dark ages. The dark ages was a time of ultimate despair for the common man, the rise of popularity in technology for young people is something Jackson is very worried about.

Jackson says, “We are on the verge of losing our capacity as a society for deep, sustained focus. In short, we are slipping toward a new dark age”(268). Although some people view technology as different. She states that technology will shorten our “sense of perspective and shared vision” (269). Maggie Jackson’s view on society and the excess in technology is irrational. Maggie Jackson and George Orwell would probably get along very well, they both make great points that are valid, but some of their opinions and hypothesis’s are over thought.

It is true however, that our culture is molding itself to lazy ways of using technology as our one and only resource instead of using our own thoughts, ideas, and communication through face to face socializing. Although, there have always been ways around applying true effort and there will always be individuals who choose not to socialize or work hard: the people who choose this life style are the ones who will not succeed. Jackson and Freedman both blame technology more than the person using it.

It is not technology that is causing a dark age that Jackson worries about, or the lack of education from technology Freedman speaks of, it is the people who abuse technology itself. If there is not a dictionary available to look for a definition or if a family member is a thousand miles away technology is the quickest and most reliable resource. Technology has positively affected society and it is up to the holder of technology how it will be used.