The Effect of Technology on Human Behavior - Essay Example

Mare-Dizzier Cairo University Faculty Of Economics and Political Science Department Of Statistics Forth year- English Section The Effect Of Technology on Human Behavior (A case study on sac secondary school and The British university in Egypt) Presented by Christine Swath Habeas Adele Miracle George Sylvania Sob’s under the supervision of Dry. Hanna M. Ally 2012 Acknowledgement First of all we want to thank Dry. Hanna M. Ally for her great help and supervision.

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We also want to express our gratitude to Professor Doctor Habeas el Laity and Miss Lama Abide Male for their time and support. Special thanks to Doctor Leila El Seine, and Doctor Sahara El Shinnies, We would also like to thank Mrs.. Magna Taste from the ICC International Language School, and Professor Doctor David Kirby the Dean Of the Faculty Of Business at the British university in Egypt. At last, we want to thank everybody Who helped us With this research, and everyone Who Will honor us by eating it.

Abstract This research Is about exampling the effect to the invading technology represented In the internet using personal computers and Smartened on the behavior of the youth. The subjects of interest about the youth are their fiendishness and social lives, family relations. General health and personal achievements.