The Impact Of Information Technology - Essay Example

Hands, this would always lead to a pile of paperwork in the progress. It is not only place occupying, but also takes for a long time if there were a big amount of data to be organized. The information technology has simplified the time consuming data organizing by changing the form of paper in files to storing data into databases. 2. 4 Information accessibility and securities problems According to Kumar(2014), information technology plays a communication role in companies, companies uses emails, live chat system, online meeting tool and video conferencing system as simple and inexpensive means to communicate.

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Hosannas et al. (2012) stated that easy access to the information leads to great usefulness of service; it helps service providers to have fast access to the solution of problem faced by customers as service representatives do not need to get information all over again from either customer or other representatives. Common examples of using information system in services are e-banking, online consultancy services, online shopping, information gathering, and booking tickets online.

Alongside with these services provided, consumer simply save the trouble of waiting in line and use their mime wisely with the first-hand information. However, Pablo Picasso (n. D. ) once said that “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”. Another interpretation for the quote is that good things always come with bad side. With the ease of access to the internet and information, security problem emerges and has become one of the most concern topic in which customers would worry of the breach of securities lead to information and data leakage.

For examples, personal information such as bank account information, passwords, ICC number (some countries called it as driving license) etc. 2. 5 Communication According to Gabon(2001), communication technology transfers data from one physical location to another using computer software. Communication is a very important element in customer service industry, without communication service providers are unable to apprehend and understand the need of customers and hence, provide help to the customers.

Information technology enhances communication with the invention of mobile phone, internet services, video conferencing, and email services etc. With the assistance of communication from information technology, service providers can provide information and services to the customers in a more efficient and faster way. For example, when a furniture company needs to make a cupboard with certain materials, they Just have to make calls and send emails to other companies without meeting in person which saves time and traveling costs to get what they want.

As for financial and banking industry, communication provides instant information to the customers, communication technology assist users to validate account numbers and open new accounts online (Gabon, 2001). 2. 6 Bridging the cultural gap According to Bianca(2001), expectations and behaviors are affected by the cultural aground of both customer and provider during inter-cultural service encounter.

The research of Hocking(1995, cited by Bianca 2001) has shown that cultural differences value, beliefs, and norms are reasons of that can potentially lead to misunderstanding and business failure. Kumar(2014) stated that information technology has helped to bridge the cultural gap and helped people from various culture to communicate with one another, which allows exchange of views and ideas as well as increasing awareness and reduce prejudice among different cultures.

On he contrary, the study of Gallivant and Series(2005) has pointed out that IT adoption is causing changes in organizational culture. 2. 7 Impact on Job Opportunities Providing that constant evolution of information technology, Job opportunities related are developed over past decades and most of the Jobs are delivering service in nature such as IT consultant and software engineer. On the other hand, evolution and advancement of information technology also cause to unemployment due to creation of Job redundancy, downsizing and automation which streamlined business process (Kumar, 2014).

He also pointed out (Kumar, 2014) a belief of internet has made Job security a big issue with the constant evolution of information technology could replace even more technical required Job over Jobs replaced such as workers in manufactures these days. 2. 8 Increase Competition IT helps access to facts and comments from other from websites and forums. Through the websites, consumers and customers are easy to make compare and contrast. Andrew Carnegie (1889, p. 55) stated that”While the law [of competition] may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it insures he survival of the fittest in every department”. Service Providers should keep improving in order to attract and retain customers, they need to be better than current performance and remain competitive in the industry. 3. 0 Conclusion The role of information technology in today’s business environment would be a broad and complex topic to discuss.

The report only attempt to identify the impacts of information technology on customer service. The review discovered that information technology has helped increase the efficiency of service delivery, simplified data organizing and management, enable the access of information which leads to faster information gathering, bridging the cultural gap by helping communication among different cultures and create more Job opportunities.