The Impact of Technology on Daily Life - Essay Example

We know that technology plays an important role in fulfilling our daily needs. Basically, if we look around us, technology can be seen everywhere from a small pen to an alarm plane. From a day until late night technology Is associated with our lives. A revolution of technology has made human life much easier. We can do our tasks much faster and In a much easier way, saving time. No one can Imagine a life without technology. Imagine If airplane had not been Invented, then traveling from one country to other countries would take a long time. In the medical field, many people’s life has been saved and cured with technology.

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Without technology, our life would have been helpless and would have never been this better. So technology has made our life better in many ways. In our daily life, technology serves us in many different ways to help us do our activities for our needs. A television, for example, is the best entertainment and information medium. An air plane which helps in covering huge distances in a short time, cell phones that not Just help us talk to another person but also its function is as a device to take pictures and watch video, and we can even use them to browse In the Internet.

All of them show us how Important technology Is In our dally life. Currently, the most popular topic Is the Internet. Talking about the Internet makes me remember what the Inventor of Google said. He said ” The Internet universe are using the Internet. The number of websites is so amazing. There are so many websites that provide kinds of knowledge, experience, entertainment and business. Now it is so easy for us to share with each other through the internet. We can access worldwide news using the Internet. All of what we want to know and all we need are provided by the internet.

On the other hand, some people say that technology causes a big disaster to human life. They say that social networking sakes our generation waste their time. But the fact tells us that it is not true. Conn’s online-news site recently posted a poll, asking the respondents whether they are tired of networking or not. It showed that 74% had chosen “YES. ” Yet according to Inside Twitter by Alex Change, after analyzing some Information disclosed on 1 1. 5 million Twitters accounts, 72. 5% of the users Joined during the first five months of 2009 and 85. % of all Twitter users post less than one update per day. Twitter is not the sole means of social networking of course, but this is one small example of conflicting reports regarding the Internet and human behavior. Some people say that one of the examples of technology that bring disasters is Internet. Raping, hacking, piracy, and plagiary are disasters created by the Internet. But, the fact is when something is going wrong, we can’t blame the technology. The analogical thing is like a murderer who killed someone using a knife.

We can’t blame the knife, but, instead, we must blame the murderer who used technology (knife) as a medium to do a wrong thing. The other example is raping. Teenagers rape a girl because they have watched video using cell phone downloaded from the Internet. It Is not the Internet and the cell phone’s fault. Immorality and lack of regulation In uploading and downloading are the problem. So, when people don’t use the technology as wisely as they can, It’s not technology’s fault, but it is a matter of improper morality. Solutions are needed using it.

Now, the question is how to reduce and minimize the bad actions and crimes done by the people using the technology. The fact tells us that we have to find ways to save the next generations from the bad behavior and actions. 5 ways to improve the advantages of technology are : 1 . Fixing the morality of the people itself © The wrong way of using the technology is cause they don’t use it wisely. Wisely means that the using of technology must be for the goodness of human life and the improvement of the invention of technology. . Blocking the porn sites © Those sites are really dangerous. So, besides fixing the morality, we need an option to stop and prevent their bad actions. The option is blocking the porn site. 3. Law enforcement © People doing hijacking, plagiary, raping etc have to be Jailed. The enforcement of law is needed. 4. Parental control in the computer © The site that they can access depends on their age. 5. The right entertainment in the right time. So, broadcasters must show the entertainments in the right time.

The example is, when there is a western film that contains something for adult consumption, the broadcasters must have their show in the night. To summaries, we can conclude that if technology is used wisely it can surely create wonders in human life. But if we can’t use it wisely, a big disaster will come to ourselves. How the technology will effect on our life depends on us. That’s why everyone ( government and the civilians ) have to help each other for the development of technology and the goodness of human life.