Free Sample: “The Impact of Technology on Humanity” paper example for writing essay

“The Impact of Technology on Humanity” - Essay Example

With the rapid increase of technology in today’s society, it brings only good things such as increased competition with lower prices, a more efficient workplace, increased productivity, and of course a higher stand of living. With new technologies, ideas and innovations being introduced to the marketplace all of the time, it creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs to seize these opportunities and fill society’s needs and wants. The startup of small businesses in North America has increased immensely over the past decade with higher demand from consumers.

With more businesses being started up, it creates more Jobs for people, which decreases unemployment, increases competition, brings down prices, and overall provides improvement for our economy. Who can complain if more Jobs are available to a community and if products/services can be provided more affordable to the people? With new technologies being implemented all of the time, things such as machinery, computers, electronics, etc. Are capable of performing more tasks, doing things faster, more accurately and doing the Job it used to do much easier than it previously did. An example of this would be newer cell phones.

Phones about 7 years ago used to be able to call people – that was pretty much it. Today, however, the phones are about half the size (if that) and are capable of storing 500 contacts/numbers, calling people and performing various tasks through voice activation, display images in color, take photographs, store alarms and reminders, plan your monthly events in a calendar and much, much more. Just imagine how obsolete a phone like this will be in another 7 years. Have you ever had a really busy and strenuous day where you felt good at the end because you accomplished a bunch of things?

That is the feeling of having a productive day. New technology can make things much faster and easier to complete than something of an older technology. An example of this would be machines that produce dog treats. Say one machine that produces 5,000 dog treats a day costs $30,000, and another newer, better machine costs $60,000. It would be more expensive a to buy a newer machine with better technology that produces 2,000 more dog treats each day, but would also be much more productive and profitable in the end because it makes better use of the factory’s time.

The more expensive machine would be much better because it would make more money in a lesser amount of time, it would be in better cosmetic shape if it were newer and in turn run smoother with less errors/problems to reduce downtime. Many of us take what we have for granted, Just like in the lyrical poem I analyzed called “Big Yellow Taxi” by Join Mitchell. Technology has made all of our lives so much easier and provided us with many luxuries such as garage door openers, laptops, cellular phones, the Internet, heated seats, microwave ovens, and much, much more.

Have you seen those new plasma screen TV’s that are only a few inches thick? That is a very good example of how peoples quality of life can be improved. Plasma TV’s mount onto your walls saving a large amount of space and opening up the room. Everything looks much more organized, there is much more space available in the room and the room also looks much bigger. Also, a big screen TV that cost $5000 two to three years ago would only cost about $1000 now. With the unveiling of bigger and better products, people can afford the things that they only dreamed about before.

New ideas provide solutions to many problems and improve the quality of life for everyone. In conclusion, the impact of technology, in many ways, is very beneficial to humanity. Whether it be providing more businesses, Jobs and lower prices, having a workplace that is more manageable and easier to operate, increasing productivity by finding faster, easier and better solutions to problems, or whether it be providing everyone with new products/services to improve everyone’s quality of life and standard of living. Technology is what paves the path to a better future.