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The Impact of Technology - Essay Example

As the development of modern society continues to grow, the coverage of application of technologies is gradually wider and wider. Therefore, the potential and real influence for technology on people’s life especially on peoples health is becoming more and more significant and controversial. That is to say, the development of technology brings both advantages and disadvantages on people’s health. This essay Is along to conduct a careful and deep Illustration and analysis of the Impact of technology on peoples health.

The essay Is delved Into three parts. In the first part, the hidden reason that why technology will to some degree affect people’s health is introduced. In the second part, the precise performances and relevant consequences are demonstrated. In this part, the positive and negative aspects are compared each other and the comparison is chiefly focusing on the three aspects. First is the agricultural implication of technology on people’s health. Second is the industrial implication of technology on people’s health. Third is the medical implication of technology on people’s health.

In the final part, certain proper assure to cope with the influences and the right attitude toward the impacts are showed. Currently, the technology is employed to nearly all aspects of the life. In effect, the basic necessities of life such as clothing, food, shelter, and transportation will be in a total mass if no technology is related. However, the implication of technology on these fields especially in agriculture, industry, and medical will at length feedback to individuals. Therefore, technology is unavoidable to causing certain effects on people’s health.

These impacts are both positive and negative, both medical and hysterical. The modern agriculture Is very closely linked to technology. Typical examples are some kinds of pesticides which are chiefly used to kill Insects and increase production, earlier, Inhibitor, chemical fertilizer, and so forth. The use of these kinds of chemical production will definitely more or less leave some toxin on agricultural products. (Miguel, 2012)These agricultural products are cultivated to feed people. Tough green agriculture products are advocated, it is impossible to avoid the negative influence of chemical fertilizer and pesticides. SIS’S, 2012)There are also lento of profit-driven merchants who sell poisonous agricultural products. What is more, some scientists are engaging in changing the genes of creatures by the technology of gene isolation, gene splicing, and gene recombination. The changes of genes will eliminate some boundaries among species and they are potentially and further lead a variation among races. Therefore, there are sufficient reasons to worry about the negative influence of technology on people’s health. However, there also are plenty of advantages of the wide spread use of technology. O Plenty and efficient agricultural and subsidiary agricultural products are MO provided. (Chaos, 2012)The quantity and quality of food provision e dramatically enhanced. The land is at the same time made better and more efficiently use. It is pretty hard to identity whether the loss or the gains is more. As to the implication of technology on industrial fields, it will traces to the first industrial revolution. In effect, it is highly due to the development of technology during the period between the first industrial revolution and the second technology revolution that the entire society achieves a dramatic development and progress.

Current society is colorful. Cars, airplanes, railways and other advanced transportation tools shorten the distance of the world and make the entire world seem smaller. The innovation of telephone, computers, and network make the space among individuals closer. For instance: the computer and networks make the world smaller and if a particular individual has to work in another country for some time, then he in the United Kingdom is able to have a video chat by a computer to his family members, which will reduce sickness greatly and it is beneficial for the mental health for both of them.

All kinds of electrical appliances make people’s life more convenient. One after another high buildings and large mansions are established to satisfy the demands of living. Nuclear is created and peacefully used to create electric energy, which to a large degree saves the use of fossil energy and eases the shortage of natural resources. However, it is Just because of the tremendous development of industrial technology that plenty of air pollutions are created. The air pollution makes more people suffer from all kinds of respiratory diseases. Kowalski, 2012)The air breakup makes lots of throng ultraviolet rays directly shine to skins, which make people quite easy to suffer from all kinds of skin diseases or even skin cancers. A fast transportation makes it possible to take place more transportation accidents. In these transportation accidents, lots people are death or physically disabled, which definitely causes an enormous mental and physical harm on people’s health. ( European Transport Safety Council, 2001) What is more, all kinds of electric products will produce a mass of radiations. These radiations will dramatically negatively influence the health.

In addition, more and more people get used to be lazy because they are highly and gradually relying on the certain technology products, such as computers, cars, smart phones, and so forth. These industrial products on one hand carries with lots of high loss some basic survival skills. (Anna, 2011) For example, if an individual drives often, he will definitely get fatter and fatter due to the lack of necessary exercises. When the obesity is serious enough, it will further lead heart disease, diabetes, and other killing diseases. Perhaps, an unbalance figure will make others at some time laugh at him or her.

It will cause a serious mental disease. When comes to medial industry, the rapid developing technology to a large degree brings more positive changes compared with functions on agricultural and industrial fields. In the last several decades, plenty of new drugs and medical instruments are created. These new kinds of drugs and medical equipments rescue lots of people from death especially to those who suffer from diseases that initially are incurable. (Barras, 2012)What is more, the development of technology to a large extent increases the social productivity and the entire social welfare is dramatically enhanced.

It provides quite a good medical condition to locate accurate medical equipments in order to perform an operation. In addition, as the development of technology, the expected average life expectancy is longer. (Tremor, 2012)They are all positive influences caused by the development of technology. However, what should not be neglected is that some diseases are harder to be totally cured due to the excessively use of antibiotics which is initially created to rescue people from the torture of serious diseases. In this essay, both the positive and negative influence of technology on people’s lath is illustrated and analyzed.

Agricultural products, industrial product, and medical products are concentrated to show the impacts. The rapid development of technology increases the volume of production of food but reduced the level of food security. In the industrial field, the role of technology is the most dramatic. It on one hand greatly enhances the entire social welfare and make lots of things no longer hard to be finished; however, on the other hand it makes people laze and even addicted to some electric products. It will cause lots of mental problems.

As to the deiced aspects, thanks to the development of technology, lots of people are saved from once considered incurable diseases. But the excessive use of antibiotics still potentially threats people’s health. Confronting with certain influences of technology on people’s health, the positive impacts should be praised and carried forward while the negative effects should be viewed squarely and try to overcome utmost. People in all countries should cooperate together to be responsible to the maintenance and sustainable development of human beings. When science and technologies are developed, environment should t the same time protected.