The Importance of Technology - Essay Example

Dear Governor Common, I am writing you this letter to tell you about how technology is and has been extra mealy good for our culture. Technology has lighten up our houses, brought u to the moon, and ha s saved our lives so many times-over the past one hundred years technology has changed our live sees. Let hashed our day to day lives much sealers. Let has helped us discover many thing with computers Like cures for sickness, new places, and more. I think that the computer was one of the e greatest Inventions ever Invented. The computers has helped many people.

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From clients In a lab to the everyday s that home mom. “What once was big enough to fill room can now fit in your pocket. ” says S Hahn McKinney of Hawkish. Com. Computers are amazing, they are used for so many things. They can be used for fun, academically, for work, for meeting people all over the world, an d many other thing. The computer can help you learn a language, it can teach you how to coo k, it can help you learn something that no one else can. For soldiers, and I know this first hand , they are able to talk to their family and children they leave behind when they are deployed ova areas.

Computers are even used with agriculture to control complex irrigation systems and sensors that detect soil pH, to give the crops a higher yield and faster grow times among the r thing. ” Lakes Plum wrote on Hawkish. Com. Another way that computers has brought us t o where we are today is computers have provided many Jobs for people, tons of people now h eave great Jobs and are not homeless because of the computer says Ask. Com That Is why I think that technology and computers have been and are extremely go odd for our culture today. Thank you listening. Silencer,