The Latest Technology in Transportation - Essay Example

This new state-of-the-art train is operated by magnetic levitation technology. The train is similar to a Disney World monorail with one big difference: it can travel at speeds approaching 300 miles per hour and makes almost no sound. Instead of traveling along rails, this train sits atop a magnetic field, thereby eliminating the effects of friction and making higher speeds possible.

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At these speeds, the magnetic vitiation train will revolutionize transportation ? and change the way we think about travel. Transportation Technology First there were stagecoaches; now there are high-tech magnetic levitation train systems. Airplanes that didn’t exist 100 years ago now connect every city In the world. “Hybrid” cars powered by electricity as well as gasoline now share the road with the traditional gas-powered models. Transportation technology has been evolving for as long as people have been moving.

Transportation technology works to make all aspects of transportation safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. It examines the impact of transportation on the environment and aims to reduce pollution with more fuel-efficient cars, computer monitoring of emissions, and public transportation systems. Although most cars are still powered by gasoline, newer transportation technologies will make cars less dependent on fossil fuels by harnessing alternative sources such as natural gas, electricity, and hydrogen fuel cells.

Transportation technology is also at work in global positioning system (GAPS) satellites and digital radio systems that enhance communication and navigation. Jobs in transportation technology range from the automobile industry to the airlines, environment, and railway. Transportation technicians plan, design, operate and maintain the equipment, vehicles, and systems that make modern transportation possible.