The Negative Side of Technology - Essay Example

For thousands of years, mankind has been Inventing devices to improve living conditions. Within the past century. A new type of invention has been Introduced called technology. Some people thought that technology was the new solution to better the world. Others thought the idea was flawed and were leery of technical advances. A study taken in 2000 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 48% of home owners had a computer. Another survey taken In 2008 showed a whopping 27% increase in computer owners. Through research, several detrimental effects have occurred because of technology.

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With all the constant advances in technology, the older models have become inferior and are disposed of. This creates mass amounts of waste which damages the ecosystem by Introducing chemicals to nearby habitats. Human Interaction has suffered due to testing, emails, and gaming. Electronic devices have allowed people to avoid contact with the outside world and remain physically inactive. Society now depends on technology to do their everyday tasks, but If a network or electricity Is temporarily out of service, the electric devices will not function.

In addition to technology not being a fully reliable source, there are also threats to computers. Technology has been a privilege and convenience that hackers have abusing by taking advantage of others hard work and privacy. All of these reasons contribute to why technology is a problem in today’s society and should be limited. Technology is designed to be quick and store mass memory, but on occasions, the electronics require bulky and wasteful components. Older computers were huge; some could fill an entire room. Upgrades are daily; there is always something newer and better.

First there was dial up, and then came DSL, cable, and today we have fiber optics. After the out dated technology became Incompatible, It was discarded and replaced. But where did the parts end up? As always, they ended up in a land fill. Landfills are not small, they can contain up to twenty-seven tons of garbage. In this case, twenty-seven tons of computer scraps are piled together. “The nation now dumps between 300 million and 400 million electronic Items per year, and less than 20% of that e-waste is recycled” (disorienting). Amputees, cell phones, and other electronics are harmful to the environment due to the chemicals they release as the sun melts the plastics. E-waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills, but it equals 70% of overall toxic waste” (desolating), The vegetation close to the landfill. Such as cacti or weeds, will absorb these chemicals and begin to die. A rabbit might digest the poisoned plant and become ill. Another carnivore will find the weak rabbit and become poisoned too because of a poor disposal method. An alternative solution would be to limit plastics In electronics.

Not only Is technology a problem for humans, it also impacts the environment around us in a negative way. With a past time that does not require physical activity, technology has provided a laced, sedentary life style that is appealing to most. In my personal interview, Carrie-Ann said, “Kids used to go outside and play all day; they would only come In when It was dinner time or late. But In this day and age, It’s a task to get them to go outside. ” Gaming, testing, computers, and social networking are common with most 1 OFF a baseball, or any physical activity.

It is much simpler to take part in a system that does not discriminate against skill. Video games are addictive people in general can spend hours on end playing them. Every day on the news station broadcasters talk bout the epidemic of an overweight generation due to inactivity and eating habits. “Researchers now suggest that 60 per cent of the extra pounds Americans have put on may be caused by a decline in the physical demands of work brought about by the arrival of computers and the like” (iv). There are a plethora of other alternatives other than playing on the computer.

People crave technology and would rather spend their time on their devices, which sets them up for trouble. It is human nature to want to get the upper hand; some try to manipulate other people or objects to gain wealth or power. Certain individuals have this manipulative trait. Electronic devices have provided a way for those kinds of people to hack into other’s lives. Their methods are undetectable. Hackers cause disruptions in ordinary life by corrupting data in computers. Imagine a man depending on his computer to pay important household bills.

He tries to log on the computer to find an unresponsive monitor. The loss of important technology causes people to panic. This generation has become too dependent on electronic devices. Hackers find this dependency a perfect playing field to enact their destruction on the public. A hacker sees computers to steal others personal information such as banking, address, and even their identity. “For the 1 lath year in a row, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint category. Of 1 complaints received in 2010, 250,854 – or 19 percent – were related to identity theft” (FTC).

The thing is; virus protection programs do not detect the hacker until it is too late. The ease of having every aspect of your life at your finger tips is convenient until the hacker has access too. These technological masters can ruin a person or cause the person weeks, months and sometimes years of work to get their lives back in order. Many say that it is a smart strategy to have a backup plan because technology is unreliable. The Internet is a networking system that allows computers from all around the world to connect.

A negative thing about the Internet is that anyone can post information on a website, whether it is a fact or an invalid statement. Even worse, if a research paper has been assigned and the Internet goes down, the library will be the only place to go for the information. Most people who own computers are not computer savvy. If anything happens to the computer, they do not know how to fix the error. Errors happen frequently such as computers freezing up; error messages pop up, updates, spam mail, low internet connectivity, too many people connecting to one server, and the dreaded blue screen. In years past, PC’s were known to crash and users would get the blue screen” (Intel). The natural reaction to a frozen computer is shutting it down and rebooting the computer. In that process, hours of work on important documents may be lost due to not saving correctly. Computer repairmen know how to solve the problem, but they are costly. We are knowledgeable to programming computers, the repairmen can charge whatever hey desire to fix simple errors. With this being an age of computers, it would be wise to study and learn about computers and how fix their multiple problems.

Technology is here to stay, and we need to solve the negative aspects before we continue on with the harsh substances in computers and companies can be limited to upgrades per year to reduce waste. This will create new opportunities for unemployed people. Some corporations realized the impact of inactivity. C. E. O. ‘s are starting to introduce treadmills into the workplace to promote exercise. Game consoles are incorporating physical activity into a game. The top threat to computers are hackers. Getting rid of hackers would be compared to doing away with all criminals; it is an impossible task to complete.

Technology, unlike a light switch, cannot be turned on, run smoothly and consistently until it is turned off; there are problems that prevent that possibility. Waste disposal, understandability, hackers, and an addictive nature make technology a poor alternate solution. Instead of using and depending on so much technology, society can participate in exercise routines; use more CEO-friendly products, play board games, and learn how to identify and fix computer problems.