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The Pros and Cons of Technology - Essay Example

Technology comes with many different pros and cons, but In my opinion the pros overrule the cons by a long shot. We as people depend on all deferent types of technology, though some are more dependent than others. These things can range from helping police solve crimes, keeping us connected to our loved ones through social media and I cannot forget about how helpful phones have been for my loved ones and l. The only huge con I can think of Is children may become overwhelmed by technology and spend too much of their time using it. We as people depend on all efferent types of technology and I cannot picture a life without it, can you?

Technology has yet to fail us entirely beyond measure. Police officers use it all the time to help solve big time crimes and it helps complete unsolved mysteries within a shorter time frame. Police use all types of gadgets to help make their Jobs easier. For example whenever an officer is called over the phone or by walked talkie, he or she quickly heads to the duty station or crime scene to try to solve the problem. Then they use their computers to access the criminals personal Information and correctly enter their Information Into the system within minutes.

Without the creation of phones or computers, police would not be able to do their Job as quickly or accurately. Another thing technology Is good at Is keeping us connected to our loved ones through social media. Social media Is considered as an upbringing of technology. It helps bring families and loved ones closer, by using the internet for things like backbone, twitter, namespace and even dating websites. Some may feel that they are practicing great communication skills and they feel even closer through the injection of the computer.

The only con about social networking is that you may run into people who engage in accessibility and you can even pass into stalkers. Even though this may sound terrifying, some people are working together and trying to figure out ways to decrease these types of things. At the rate things are going, they will figure It out in no time. The only thing that I would consider to be a con of a certain technology Is that It can take up too much of the children time, and will take their attention away from other important things that they need to be focused on In fife.

Games for example can be a type of technology, that most parents would look down on. In reality that should never happen because parents should be in control of what their kids do. If they feel lie their children are spending way too much time gaming rather than studying, they should simply take it away. That way the problem with playing games too much would be nonexistent. One last thing I believe everyone can agree on is that our society has become extremely dependent on technology nowadays.. Either it is a phone r a computer. E feel as if we may need hem in order for us to have a good day. Some feel incomplete without them, so imagine how life would be if we did not have technology to occupy our minds and keep us busy making more time. Crime rates would go up for sure because the people of the world would not have anything better to do with their lives. The last thing we need Is a bunch of terrible things to happen simply because technology was taken away, It man ever took technology away or stopped producing new things we would be in a world of trouble.