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Wireless Technology Proposal - Essay Example

If there ever Is a time when a client cannot be assisted Immediately there Is a good chance they will leave our company and find one that can better meet their needs. Our current systems seem to be meeting our basic needs for our current client capacity. As we continue to grow and acquire more clients, we are going to have to expand our technologies to better service clients. Looking at cost and needs implementing the use of Pads and the card readers will help our company flow more monthly in the transition from a small business to a medium to larger scale business.

This also will mean the less money we will have to spend later on trying to upgrade our technologies. Attached Is the information needed to review the advantages and disadvantages for each wireless technology needed to Improve customer relations. This Is an exciting time for our company to look toward the future and the growth and success for our business. Please review the Information so we can further discuss the beginning of this project. Pros I Cons I Customers can make customized orders on plates (Chose color, size, design). More than one customer can be placing an order at the same time (We will be paying for fewer employees since it will be self-service and user friendly). * The customers can take as much time as needed; there will no rush to help the next customer. * The business would have a more modern feel to it. * The ‘pads are costly * They will need scheduled maintenance * Need to be securely mounted down, which can cost a lot. * Need to have access to wireless Internet. Internet connection can come poor or lost at times I I Card Reader for Pad/Smartened: * Sales transactions can be completed by sales associates while in the field. * Card reader hardware is offered free of charge.

One of our long term goals in this business is to grow and become a larger scale business, implementing these two simple technologies is the start of ensuring our success in that goal. Having these two specific technologies in place will also improve our customer service relations. We will be able to better serve our clients in a more effective way. They will be able to pay over the phone for their customized orders. I can assure you if we are unable to fully satisfy a client they will not hesitate to find another company that will meet their needs.

We need implementation of higher technologies to keep our competitive edge, help us expand into a larger company and enhance our customer service relations. These will help us ensure the future of our company be a highly successful one. We will be able to serve a higher quantity of clients with a high quality product. It will make it more difficult for our current competition to keep up with us. So please review the information carefully, and we can further discuss the issues at hand. I am sure we all can see how implementing these tools will benefit our company.