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Wireless technology - Essay Example

It would be hard to Imagine a world without wireless applications and services. Around the globe, mobile services are playing Increasingly Important roles In many facets of our society. Just a decade ago, mobile services consisted primarily of basic voice communication. Today, we depend on mobile services not only for communication, but also for education, entertainment, healthcare, location and m- commerce. Mobile services have also made significant inroads into developing nations, by Improving the quality of life for many of their citizens.

In this paper, we will discuss the many ways In which people use mobile services dally, as well as how the evolution of wireless technologies enabled the progression of those services. Moreover, we will explore how convergence in wireless technologies and devices are encouraging more mobile-data usage, and how the evolution of wireless technologies, services and devices benefits operators and consumers. It is our goal that readers will gain valuable insights into the driving forces that enable mobile services past, present and future. [2] Mobile Services at the Center of Life

As a society, we are becoming more dependent on mobile services to assist us in life’s everyday requirements. On a typical day, over 1 billion people worldwide rely on mobile-service offerings to get them through their daily routine. In the next several paragraphs, we briefly explore various mobile services that people around the world are using each and every day with growing occurrence. Mobile Communication?Mobile services are changing the landscape of how we communicate daily; specifically, the why, when, how often, and In what degree we communicate.

Today, mobile communication can be ubiquitous (anytime, anywhere, anyplace personal (instant messaging, picture cards, video messaging) or interactive (push-to-talk [PIT], video telephony, video sharing). Using mobile communication services has never been easier or more entertaining. 12/2007 page 1 Evolution of Wireless Applications and Services Mobile Enterprise?Mobile enterprise services are at the forefront of early wireless- technology service adoption. The implementation of mobile enterprise services provides a competitive advantage to corporations wanting to gain an edge.

Mobile Entertainment?The days of waiting to get home to indulge your passion for entertainment are long gone. Like never before, mobile entertainment has given end users the flexibility and freedom to engage their favorite form of entertainment programming on their terms. Mobile TV (live or cached), videos and movies (streaming or on demands music (full tracks gaming (casual and AD multilayer), or social networking (user-generated or community-developed content) are all available at your fingertips.

Location-Based Services (LBS)?For the enterprise customer, LBS means the efficient tracking of goods and services. For a consumer, LBS enhances the level of comfort by LBS provides timely directions for a customer who is lost. Mobile LBS provide end users with location information when and where they need it most. Mobile Healthcare?Mobile healthcare services are designed to enable a better quality of life 24 hours a day, seven days a week for outpatient treatment and monitoring procedures.

These services allow the capture of patients’ medical data at the point of care, enabling faster diagnosis and timelier treatments. Mobile healthcare services provide freedom, mobility and an enhanced sense of wellness for outpatients, and peace of mind for caregivers. Mobile Commerce?The old adage “time is money’ has never been truer than in today’s fast-paced economy. Mobile-commerce services (m-banking, m-payment, e- money, etc. ) provide a new level of convenience and safety for managing money transactions. 2/2007 page 2 Evolution of Wireless Mobile and Remote Education?Mobile education services have created new avenues of learning. Never before has the ability to receive live or cached classroom instruction or vocational training in a mobile or distance-learning environment been so accessible. Emerging Markets?Mobile services in emerging markets are empowering citizens with social and economic choices that many never dreamed of having.

People in emerging markets are adopting mobile services where, traditionally, there were no services available to them, notably services such as mobile banking, remote learning and healthcare (e. G. , village clinics). The mobile services Just reviewed are but a sampling of the many services currently offered worldwide. As we look into the future, the ways in which we use mobile services will continue to grow, due to our limitless imagination for improvement in the lives of our fellow man.