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Virtual organization - Essay Example

Describe a new business for which you think a “virtual organization”-which has no physical office or headquarters-could be an effective design, and some ways that the leaders of such an organization could use IT to help them effectively run their business. Today when Internet is very popular everywhere, all transactions are taken more easily. The more IT develops, the more convenience we feel. We just stay at home but we can buy many things, we don’t need to waste time to go to the shop, find things that we like.

We just search on Internet and with a click we can order products, and chosen products will be delivered soon. Not only online shopping is more popular to day but learning online as well. Online school is one of “virtual organizations” that has no physical office or headquarters. Online school, in which all activities can be operated online. The leader of this school can use IT to help them effectively run their business. From designing school to inviting teachers and recruiting students.

Firstly they design a website to introduce and market their school. The second, they can recruit teachers and students through the web. They can held online classes, discuss and grade online too. Students don’t need to go to their school to pay tuition fee but by bank account. School will give each student a personal account with their own password to study and submit their assignments. It’s the same CSU now; all information is confirmed or discussed through email.

With online programs, learners have more opportunities to improve their knowledge, they can learn many things around the word, and they can obtain valuable degrees from foreign countries but don’t need go abroad. Question II: Provide an example of how a business function with which you are familiar (e. g. , marketing, finance, operations/production, accounting, human resources) can be highly dependent on IT. Nowadays, all of businesses use IT to support them. Thank to IT they can operate their companies more effectively by marketing or advertising, selling online.

For example in my school – Economic faculty, Vietnam national University. Computers with some soft wares are very important tools to manage students’ information, grades and many other things. After teachers finish grade reports, employees of training department will scan them and then convert them into Microsoft word program. It helps us save time and reduce mistakes by typing students’grade. We can use FoxPro and Access to manage all students’ information, if we don’t use IT; it is so difficult to control information system.

Students can register subject online and can search some information about our school, training program, teachers, time of taking exams, and can know their grades. And the way we are learning at Southern Columbia University is the good example for using IT, A lot of things depend on Internet, when Internet has a problem, we will have many troubles because we can not submit our assignments, can not contact with professor and exchange information each other.

To professors, they can’t grade students without IT, especially turnitin. com; this is a very important tool to recognize students’ plagiarism. Student can not cheat in their exams or assignments by copying from other people or from books and other sources, they have to do their exams by theirs eves. So, in education field, IT plays an important role to improve quality of teaching and learning. All of universities now can be highly depend on IT, especially online schools; they can not run without using Internet.

Question III: Has the popularity of the Internet and the related adoption of TCP/IP by many organizations and networks helped or hindered the movement towards a single standard protocol such as OSI? Why? The popularity of the Internet and the related adoption of TCP/IP by many organizations and networks hindered the movement towards a single standard protocol such as OSI. In the past, a set of protocols is made in standardization and acceptable, and the standard set of protocol is the Open systems Interconnection (OSI) reference Model was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

There are seven layers in this model. Each of layers there is its own protocol. All computer and telecommunication vendors support for OSI model and it was on its way. In the 1990s, the movement toward the OSI model was stopped because of the explosion of the role of Internet and intranets in many organizations. Transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is protocols of the Internet and intranet. TCP/IP is a less comprehensive set of protocols than OSI. Both OSI model and TCP/IP are important, so we can explore both of them.

If we want to have a very useful framework for computer network we can explore the OSI model. If we want to have the de facto standard set of protocols for networking in the early twenty-first century we can choose ICP/IP model. The IP portion of the TCP/IP protocol corresponds to network seven layers, while the TCP portion corrects ponds to the transport layer. TCP/IP accepts very long messages by breaking them into smaller pieces, and it can send these pieces correctly and placed in sequence with the right order.