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In other words, the project aims to create a system of Maritime English proficiency assessment tests on the basis of the model course developed by IMO IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases) for all types and ranks of merchant vessel crews (Gratin, 2003). One important aspect of Marten is that it is Maritime Test of English Language not English Test of Maritime Knowledge (Loquat and Serial, 2008). The proposed standards target every class of seafarers. Loquat and Serial (2008) claim that Marten focuses on all skills but with less emphasis on grammar.

All tests for officer and senior officer levels are expected to check deferent skills at Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels and deferent proficiency acquirement at different ranks and for different duties (Bill. ). The practice of deck and engineering crew trailing In Maritime English Is carried out In close connection with development of national and International standards. A standard serves as a model, a sample. It is established by professionals and represents a level of quality or achievement used for judging someone or something.

Even when national standards in Maritime English are available, they will differ in various countries (Gratin, 2006). National Maritime English standards in a detailed form do not exist in Latvia. The National Standard of Maritime Education for both deck and engineering departments at Bachelor and Master Degrees suggest only general instructions. At the same time, international organizations demand global standards of Maritime English with the intention of removing the differences between the seafarers trained in English speaking countries and those who receive Maritime education and training In non-English speaking countries.

In this case, the International Maritime English standards are expected positively to Influence the creation and further development f national Maritime education standards and help to unify requirements of all Adaptation and approbation of the tests in different Maritime institutions of Europe will take place according to Marten pilot project aiming to evaluate and improve professional language skills of seafarers.