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Fair Labor Standards Act and General Agent - Essay Example

After the sale, A. J. Attempted to get out of the contract by claiming that he used a minor. Why did this tactic not work for A. J.? Explain. A. J. Has signed the contract. Wrongful discharge gives employees legal grounds for a lawsuit against employers who have dismissed them unfairly. Laws and regulations to ensure equal opportunity in employment for all individuals. Child labor is regulated by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FALLS) and state labor laws. Once a contract has been signed, neither party can change their mind – both parties are locked in.

If either party still wishes to pull out of the contract before it is finished, they may end up paying a penalty (sometimes the full amount of the contract) or the other party may take them to court to recover their losses. 4. Shawn worked as a purchasing agent for United Enterprises. Because of certain company policies, she was required to use her own money in some purchases. Must United Enterprises repay these out-of-pocket expenses? Explain. Yes. Because Shawn used her own money to purchase things for the company. 5. April worked as a door-to-door sales person for Yahoo cosmetics.

As a part of her activity, she frequently collected money from customers for Yahoo. Would April be allowed to deposit funds in her own account until Yahoo asks her to deliver the money? Explain. No,she can’t. Because the money Is not her own money, It Is her company’s money, she Is not allowed to deposit funds In her own account. Fair Labor Standards Act and General Agent By ciao independent actions, which protect and promote the interest of the dealerships. 2. Christine was given the power to go to a real estate auction and make a bid on a souse that had Just been put up for sale.