Free Sample: Five Ethical Standards for Researchers paper example for writing essay

Five Ethical Standards for Researchers - Essay Example

Informed consent requires all participants be provided with full disclosure of the purpose of the study, risks of the study as well as the right to end participation In the study. This should be done before the study so the participant can make an Informed decision regarding whether to continue on with the study. In the case of children, parents can give consent for the child since the child may not understand what Is going on (Brown, Cowboy, Eke & Worded, 1998).

Deception Is the standard for giving participants an accurate account of the purpose of the study. It serves to keep researchers from telling a participant they are in one role in the study while the researcher intends to study the individual for a completely different reason (Brown, Colby, Eke & Worded, 1998). This is why it is important to fully disclose the purpose of the study when obtaining informed consent. Debriefing is necessary to fulfill professional responsibility to the subjects in the study.

It is intended to remove NY negative effects of participation (Brown, Cowboy, Eke & Worded, 1998) in the experiment. This procedure helps insure the participant was not harmed in any way from participating in the study. Confidentiality is an important standard to make sure the participant’s name is not released with any results of the study (Brown, Cowboy, Eke & Worded, 1998). Irreparable harm can be done to the participant especially on sensitive studies regarding sexual attitudes, psychological research and studies regarding illegal activities for example.